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My First Fairy Stencil!

Hey hey creative peeps I am super excited! This is the news I have been dying to share!
What you are looking at is my  First Fairy Stencil!!!! 
This summer has been crazy busy with kids, teaching, building my brand and creating so this release has been a long time coming! This is a test run, a limited edition – I only have a limited amount made and when they are gone they are gone! I made several examples with it so that you could get an idea of how versatile they are! It is a 12×12 heavy weight stencil made by The Crafters Workshop (so you know this is a good strong solid stencil).  There are two girl faces and two wings meant to use separately or layered together.  You can use this as a template and draw in your lines first with a fine tip permanent pen (the PITT Artist small tip pen fits), mechanical pencil or use a variety of mediums with the stencil, limited only to your imagination!

3-Aug 2015 041-001    5-Aug 2015 043-003
You can use the girls separately or with the wings. You can place the wings, or part of the wings anywhere you wish. Here are two samples of the same girl, different coloring to render different feelings (of course when I do my girls they always have fantasy colored hair! But you can see that these girls could be any color and by adding your own accents you can change her up a bit, making my First Fairy Stencil a very versatile stencil. (Blue hair girl has Whipped Spackle for hair and colored with  Twinkling H20’s, her face is colored with Gelatos®  and PITT® Artist Pens. Purple Hair girl was colored with PITT® Artist Pens, PITT® Pastel Pencils and wings have chalk paint.)

1-Aug 2015 045     2-Aug 2015 042-002
Here (Aqua hair) I used the new fairy stencil to draw my picture in pencil. I painted outside the lines to give her a little fuller face which makes her look a little younger. I used the same girl  on the other girl (green hair), extended her hair (gave her extensions lol), added accents and because this girl on my First Fairy Stencil has fuller lips I was able to leave the center white (teeth) for a different look. (Aqua hair girls  hair was colored with Gelatos®, her face PITT® Artist Pens & PITT® Pastel Pencils, and her wings- Texture Luxe™. Green haired girl face and lips Gelatos® & PITT® Artist Pens, hair & wings are colored with Twinkling H20’s and PITT® Artist Pens.)


4-Aug 2015 040-001
Here is a look at the  entire First Fairy Stencil. If your are super excited like me, you are thinking how can I by this exclusive stencil? I am putting it in my Etsy shop for one week! That’s all – I only have a limited number and I am going to Tulsa next weekend to teach at CKC and I will take them with me to sell at the show in the From Cover 2 Cover booth. If you have ever been to one of these shows you know how crazy busy they are and the shopping madness that goes on! I am hoping to sell out! (side-note if you haven’t signed up for one of my classes and will be in Tulsa or Houston check out my classes page – some of my classes only have 3 spots left! Click on the class tab above to check it out! ) If you will be at one of these shows, or are local, want to buy a stencil before they sell out and do not want to pay shipping & handling email me at rbarakat@ritabarakat.com and I can make a special arrangement for you. The First Fairy Stencil is $7.99 plus S&H. I brought the sample with me to the Detroit show and everyone wanted to buy it so I know I will sell out quick! If for some reason they don’t I will sell the remaining stencils at the Houston show.

I am hoping this will be the first of more stencils (maybe stamps) to come, I have already been asked to do more girls with different hairstyles, ethnicity and expressions – I have been doing a lot of drawing and have lots of ideas! I hope you like it – I would love your feedback and ideas! (Unfortunately the size 12×12 prohibits me from shipping outside of the US at this time.)


Creative and Colorful hot air balloon!

Rita Barakat
Color color everywhere! Hey there artsy peeps I have super busy creating so many creative and colorful projects that I can’t wait to share with you! But today I can only reveal this sweet tag! You can see the full tutorial on the ColourArte blog today! There is so much more to come for the month of July so stay close peeps you wont want to miss out!

RitaBarakat June 2015 020-001
Exciting stuff coming soon!
P.S.  dont forget to click my classes page especially if you will be in Houston or Tulsa in Aug!
*another class was added to Houston! Yay!


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Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, Deflecto, ColourArte and freelances for a variety of manufacturers