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My licensed products with Brutus/Monroe

My licensed products with Art Foamies (Links below)

 Cowboy Boot
 Zen Doodle Cloud
 Heart wing
 Hot Air Balloon
 Fairy WIngs

Printed cards,pillows and stencils from  my original artwork click here.



For prints and canvas items  go here

Yes I do custom orders – Please let me know if there is a design you love
and/or you want it on a particular item (apron/canvas/other).  Or if you saw something on my blog/manufacturer website that you want to purchase, even if I have already sold it I may still have the materials to recreate it. Please capture the picture and contact me directly (please put fill out the subject matter so it does not look like spam)

All of my work is available for licensing, please contact me at

Thank you so much for your support on this journey!!!


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