wedding week wrap up

wedding week
Hey creatives, wedding week continues here and at home as tomorrow is the big day! My baby girl is getting married!
As you are reading this post we are busy decorating the venue and I will be taking pictures to share with you as we do a big wrap up come Monday! There are some seriously fun things I want to share with you! But first I want to share a little bit of my heart… Continue reading

More wedding DIY! It’s wedding week!

Hey, Creatives! It’s wedding week at the Barakat house and blog! Today more wedding DIY!!! My firstborn will be married on Saturday and holy cow weddings are a LOT of work! This girl is tired and while she is looking forward to the big day (especially all our friends coming into town) she will also be happy when Monday comes! (I see a spa day in the very near future – just sayin’!)
Onto more mixed media decorations…
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Hand lettering – Wedding week

hand lettering wedding week
Hand lettering, Wedding Week
Hello Creatives! Rita here with a special series! Its Wedding week here and today’s focus is on hand lettering!
My oldest is getting married Saturday and of course, I have been busy, busy, busy doing lots of decorations for the wedding! Who better than a mixed media artist to come up with some beautiful decorations for a wedding? Continue reading