Emotions Journal Layout


Hello, Everyone! Jenn here! Today I want to share my Emotions art journal layout with you.

Have you ever wanted to draw faces in your journal or other mixed media? If you have but you think your drawing skills won’t allow it you need to try these stencils! Rita Barakat designed them for this exact purpose.

These stencils are sold in a set In Rita’s Etsy Store here.

For this layout, I used the Sweet Sisters Flower stencil.

I also used The following stamps by Rita Barakat

Fairy Garden Background Stamp
Art Foamies Heart Wing

To create journal layouts like this one, start by creating a background. Use a combination of inks, sprays, and acrylics with stamps and stencils. Random ink sprays and splatters, combined with stamps brought this background to life. Once you have a background use the face stencils wherever you want them on your page. Add color to eyes and lips using pens or colored pencils as I did. You can also incorporate embossing powders as I did with mine. I used the Art Foamies Heart Wing stamp and white chalk ink. Stamp on the page and sprinkle with an iridescent pink embossing powder. Heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool.


Here are some more views of my process. Thank you so much for viewing my post! I hope that you are inspired to grab some of these stamps and stencils and get inky and creative with your journal!


In this photo, you can see where I started with thinner black lines and then started writing the script around the hair lines.


Adding white dots with a gel pen to the hair strands added more interest. Also, add some stamping with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp. This does not have to be perfect! Art is whatever your imagination creates! Add touches of color using bright gel pens or colored pencils. I used a distress marker in a fleshy pink tone and traced around all of the face lines to add dimension.

Thanks Again For viewing My post Today! Until next time, Jenn

You can make art!

IMG_0135 Today I have a quick video for ya! A little work in progress! Have you every had a quote or scripture jump out at you and you wanted to remember it?  An easy way to do that is paint it! As soon as I read this, I knew this was the picture I wanted to paint. Now I know what you’re thinking, what if I can’t draw? or what if I hate my handwriting? No excuses! You can make art! Here are three alternatives to what I have done below.

I used various  watercolor mediums, the “crayons” are actually Neocolors in Chestnut and Flesh. The heart was painted with a Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Stick in Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I am painting on mixed- media paper from Strathmore.
But you can use whatever medium you have.  I drew my picture but you could find a stamp or stencil that would work. Or even find a a picture in a magazine and collage it!

Don’t like your handwriting? I used an app – Adobe Spark app on my iphone for the lettering! Another idea would be to use alphas and stick them on or type it up on your computer, print it and paste it into place! You can do this!

I hope this inspires you to do your own painting! I promise you can make art!

In other news I want to make sure you are watching me on Facebook Monday nights!  If you haven’t I am doing Mixed Media Mondays is where I do some type of tutorial, project, tip around Mixed-Media. The exciting part is that I have some fun sponsors lined up to give away prizes! The very first giveaway is from Activa! Check out their website  and meet me of FB Monday nights!

Making faces, drawing eyes

Rita Barakat Fairy Eyes
The eyes are the window to the soul… You’ve heard it a thousand times right? Well it’s true in art as well. There is something about a painting that draws you in…color, composition and something significant about it…If it is a portrait type (making faces) it very well could be the eyes. So it’s very important we focus on doing a great  job on the eyes when we are making our faces. When making my faces, they are more whimsical; I want to take the real and make it light, sweet, innocent and fun. So it is ok to exaggerate features, break some rules for making faces and create fun little surprises like glitter in their eyes, or star tattoos to accentuate the eyes!

Rita Barakat Girl Eyes
This girl has metallic copper eyes and hair’ I love the gorgeous color and texture! (I used copper Texture Luxe) But important to note, the basic eye shape is there. I love the way Jane Davenport does her girl eyes; they are exaggerated but still beautiful and whimsical. The eyes don’t have to be perfect (nobody is) but if they are not very close in size and placement to each other they quickly become the focus (in a bad way). Also if they are missing any basic elements – eyelids, eyelashes, pupils, light (white) and eyebrows (the ultimate accessory to the eyes- and PLEASE do draw hairs not one continuous line) -they look very odd.

Rita Barakat Mermaid eyes
Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, who says eye color only come in browns, blacks, blues and greens? Who says hair color in shades of brunettes, reds and blondes? Art should be fun and freeing, my art has no limits except my imagination; Yours too! So have fun with it and practice, practice, practice eyes if you are making faces!
Are you making faces? If so I would love to take a look at your work can you leave me a link?

*If you are in Texas and would like to learn more about making faces make sure you sign up for my  IRL(in real life) class “so you say you can’t draw” class  at the GASC show in Arlington June 16,17,18!

Art inspired pillow designs

Hey there artsy peeps! Well today is a pillow fight with the  Designer Crafts Connection! A blog hop with Fairfield World, so if you click on the Designer Crafts Connection icon on the right of my blog you can see what the other designers did with the pillow forms! Of course I had to do something artsy inspired for my pillow design! And it also had to be a “no sew” pillow!

The pillow form does not come with a case but does have a zipper case to be washed. I am not into sewing- I do not get along with my sewing machine! So I had to find out another way to cover this pillow! It just happened to fit an old standard pillow case if I folded the ends in! All I had to do was give it a splash of color! I used Tulip’s tie die fabric paint.

Here is a close up on how the colors actually turned out!

I put it in the dryer, when it was dry I put some alphas to spell the word “cherish.” I used a PITT Artist pen to make lots of doodles. The PITT pens are filled with india ink so they are lightfast and waterproof once dry. (It dries pretty quick.)

I peeled the letters off to reveal my design! So easy – no sewing involved! These pillows are super soft and comfy too!
For this blog hop you can use this  code  AMYCOUP  to recieve 20% off orders through the month of June on www.fairfieldworld.com. How awesome is that? Happy hopping & shopping!

My first Ustream

Hey hey there artsy peeps! Well if you missed my live mixed media canvas class  you can still watch it here:http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/57842606 !
That was my first Ustream and I had some technical issues but once I got going I think it went OK. It is VERY different than shooting videos! I am so glad I had some helpers to answer questions because they were chatting so fast there is no way I could have done both and kept up! I had my buddy Lisa Adamentz  help me afterwards and I think we got it all figure out for next months Ustream! I hope you will be back for that one! I do love sharing information – I think we all learn from each other, I love watching others as well – I always learn something! I hope you learn something form my Ustream.

This project was inspired from a song called Thrive from Casting Crowns – Last year was rough medically for our family so I am happy for a new year to start and I am hoping not only to have a healthy 2015 but a year where we thrive!

January 2015 026100 January 2015 027100
Back from CHA I was super excited to share the new products from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft – the Texture Luxe is fantastic!
These are not in the stores yet but keep a lookout! (if all goes well expect to see them in March!)
One of the things I forgot to share on the Ustream is that Gelatos now come in new transparent barrels AND there are new colors (including pastels!) making a total of 52 different colors! I don’t have those yet but just like you, I can’t wait to play with the new colors. So here are some close ups of what was new for CHA from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft:

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I shared some of these on the Ustream, I know you are going to love these new products! Whats on your “must have” list?

Happy Crafting,

April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®,The Crafters Workshop, DCWV, Deflecto and freelances for a variety of manufacturers

Blog Hop with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and Taylored Expressions


Hey there crafty peeps!  Fun stuff today is a blog post with Taylored Expressions and Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!!

I had the pleasure of working with Taylored Expressions Chalkboard Elements stamps & Birthday Treat Toppers dies!
I prepared a step by step tutorial in case you would like to create something similar!

Gather your supplies: From Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft PITT® Pastel Pencils, Stamper’s Big Brush Pen & a black PITT® Artist Pen. From Taylored Expressions Chalkboard Elements stamps & Birthday Treat Toppers dies.  Stick pins, glitter, watercolor paper, scor tape, candle, pencil, foam squares, Q~tips, eraser.


First I drew my girl & wings – If you don’t draw grab some stamps and stamp a fairy! I drew a circle in the center where my die will go later.


Trace your lines with a black PITT® Artist Pen, erase any extra lines before the next step. I also stamped my sentiments on the same paper.


Use PITT® Pastel Pencils to add color to your project.


I used Q~tips to blend the colors- you can use your fingers. I use different Q~tips for different colors as to not muddy the colors.


I used an eraser to make highlights on my project – it erases any mistakes from the pencils too.


I cut out my pieces.


I used  Birthday Treat Toppers dies & colored them with PITT® Pastel Pencils.


Put Scor-Tape to make adhesive stipes on the candle.


I added the  Birthday Treat Toppers dies to the adhesive stipes then covered the rest of the adhesive with glitter.




I wanted the top sentiment to pop a little so I used foam squares on the top sentiment. I glue the wings to the girl and stick pins to hold her onto the candle.


I used foam squares on the bottom of my fairy to make sure she stays in place.

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Happy hopping!

To participate in the blog hop and be eligible for prizes simply comment on any (or all!) of our Blog Hop posts from April 24-April 25. For each comment, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two fabulous prizes: One lucky winner will receive a $75 Faber-Castell prize pack of Gesso, Glaze, Gel Medium, and 10 new Gelatos Double Scoops and one lucky winner will receive a Taylored Expressions stamp set and die of choice! Comments close Sunday, April 27 at 8pm PST.

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Alice on an apron

Hey hey crafty peeps!
Vacation is over and I am getting back on schedule!
Catching up on blogging and all those social media things- so much information
it makes my head spin! All I want to do is create! So here goes!
This is an apron from Marion Smith Designs new canvas collection.
I got this apron from Marion at CHA, she wanted an Alice painted on it.
 There is not a lot of down time for me at these shows,
I had 40 minutes before the show started to pull something together!
So gesso first (of course I was in the Faber -Castell Design Memory Craft booth.)
Then a rough drawing and some Gelato.
 More color with Gelatos and a wet paint brush to blend.
 This is pretty close to being finished and I got it done in 38 minutes!
However I didn’t until now that I did not get a  picture of it finished!
( I hate when I do that!)
Well now I have to admit that
I am a bit of a perfectionist. It just didn’t look enough like Alice
to me so I had to make some changes…
 So when I got home I started with the eyes- I wanted them to be a bit rounder,
making her more cartoonish.
 Gesso is a great medium for starting over!- I fixed her eyes, her collar and her bangs!
Added more Gelatos and my own paint brushes. (It’s nice to use your own tools.)
I use PITT pens in the blacks of her eyes.
 Blending with water.
 Yes – I like this much better.
 When you have more than 38 minutes you can do highlights.
(gesso mixed with Gelatos)
Tip – I dip a very sharp pencil in gesso for the light i her eyes and lips.
 As time was now on my side, I was  able to draw some backgrounds;
Like singing flowers.
  Hearts and patterns…
 This is how the Gelato mixed with water looks without priming the canvas apron
with gesso- it seeps into the fabric. I colored the hearts with Gelatos then spread
the color with a wet paintbrush.
 A time piece of course!( A Prima stencil.)
 Flowers, drawing the outlines with PITT Artist pens, then spreading the color quickly
with a very wet paintbrush. I know what you’re thinking, they are filled with india ink,
they are permanent and waterproof how can that work?
Well if you have coated it with gesso and work VERY QUICKLY you can move 
some of the color and still keep those drawn lines visible!
 Once it is dry I go back over and draw the faces with the PITT Artist Pens.
 Here is the finished result! 
I need to go find some red roses, 
or maybe white ones and paint some of them red! LOL!
I think I might add them to the bottom or the sides… 
not really sure but I think it will add
a little character to the piece!
What do you think?
And thank you for your input on the previous post!
I appreciate all your input!
 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg