Fairy Garden

The Garden Fairy

Hey there creatives! The Garden Fairy is here! I had such a fun time creating this mixed media piece with my Fairy Magic stamp! (And good news if you were waiting it is now back in stock over at Brutus Monroe! This little garden fairy traveled from Texas to Utah and debuted at AFCI’s Mixed Media show last week! I figured if I couldn’t go at least she could go in my place!

I have been super busy but my fabulous design team has been a tremendous job keeping up with the blog! They have done some wonderful projects with my stamps and stencils! I hope you have been checking in! But I digress…Let’s get back to the Garden Fairy, my mixed media project!


This project started with a canvas wrapped with type, I added black and gold gesso in random places. Color and texture were added in random places.

I continued to add layers of texture, stencils, color, crackle paste.

Then my little garden fairy started coming together! I actually stamped the  Fairy Magic stamp so that I could make her appear 3D. I cut out the pieces and put them back together with foam squares. The gold on the wings and the dress is embossing powder, colored with a myriad of watercolors.

I continued to add more layers until I liked the background then added the fairy! One of the things I love about mixed media is that you can use anything you want- it’s all good!

One of the things I love about mixed media is that you can use anything you want- it’s all good!

I hope that this inspires you to make your own garden fairy and if you do please leave me a link below! I would love to see it!

P.S. Don’t forget to join me at 8 pm CST on Facbeook live -@ritabarakat1
See ya then!

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Ramona Samuels Art Journal
Hi! I’m Ramona Samuels and have always had a passion for journaling, so art journaling was a natural step for my creativity to take in my artistic adventures.  Making interesting pages with personal sentiments, which may or may not be obvious the average onlooker, has become not only one of my favorite ways to document my life, but also very therapeutic.

Ramona Samuels Art Journal
I love expressive pages that give me a place to scrawl down thoughts, and with the Sweet Sisters stencil getting a gorgeous face has never been easier. I am working on an old photography book, altering it with my journaling and art. You could do this same technique on your own  art journal or printed paper or even a canvas. Begin by laying down the color of your choice. I wanted a very simple and limited color palette for this layout, so I used pink acrylic paint mixed with white gesso. I spread this with a credit card for a more encaustic and textured look.

Ramona Samuels Art Journal
Be sure to wait for these layers of paint and gesso to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Drying with a heat tool can speed up the process, but the layers need to be well set before trying to use a stencil.

On the dry layers of background, lay the stencil where you want the image to be, and with a sharp pencil trace the stencil well, checking to make sure it is visible on your page. If you want to alter any part of the image (hair, eyes, etc) this can easily be done by skipping parts of the stencil or adding to the finished image. This is what my image looked like on the page.

Ramona Samuels Art Journal
With your pencil fill in the lines to complete the image. Because the background page was very wispy and flowing, I wanted to add more hair and let it be the background space for my journaling. Once the lines are filled you can begin to add the colors you want to your image. I used acrylic paint and simple markers for this process. The texture is somewhat rough, as I left the layers underneath quite rugged, but I like the way it looked and felt so I left it that way.

Once you like the coloring of your face, you can outline it with a permanent marker to help finish off the image. After finishing the main image, I surrounded it with the fairy garden clear stamp, alternating directions of the stamp for a very layered and whimsical look- and to keep the color palette simple I filled in only a few of the flowers with watercolors. Acrylic paint smudged loosely filled in her hair, and I used the empty spaces in the layout for some loose journaling.

Ramona Samuels Art Journal
I love the combination of the whimsical background, the beautiful face, and the free hand journaling that gives this art journal page a feminine and expressive feel. Rita’s tools make it easy to add layers of elements that give you a layout you will love and can still make your own. I hope this inspires you to start playing with your art and adding your personal touch and story to make it all yours. I can’t wait to use this stencil on more pages with different color schemes, and on a larger sized canvas. The possibilities truly are endless.

Thank you for reading!



fairy garden clear stamp
Sweet Sisters stencil