PITT artist pens

Emotions Journal Layout


Hello, Everyone! Jenn here! Today I want to share my Emotions art journal layout with you.

Have you ever wanted to draw faces in your journal or other mixed media? If you have but you think your drawing skills won’t allow it you need to try these stencils! Rita Barakat designed them for this exact purpose.

These stencils are sold in a set In Rita’s Etsy Store here.

For this layout, I used the Sweet Sisters Flower stencil.

I also used The following stamps by Rita Barakat

Fairy Garden Background Stamp
Art Foamies Heart Wing

To create journal layouts like this one, start by creating a background. Use a combination of inks, sprays, and acrylics with stamps and stencils. Random ink sprays and splatters, combined with stamps brought this background to life. Once you have a background use the face stencils wherever you want them on your page. Add color to eyes and lips using pens or colored pencils as I did. You can also incorporate embossing powders as I did with mine. I used the Art Foamies Heart Wing stamp and white chalk ink. Stamp on the page and sprinkle with an iridescent pink embossing powder. Heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool.


Here are some more views of my process. Thank you so much for viewing my post! I hope that you are inspired to grab some of these stamps and stencils and get inky and creative with your journal!


In this photo, you can see where I started with thinner black lines and then started writing the script around the hair lines.


Adding white dots with a gel pen to the hair strands added more interest. Also, add some stamping with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp. This does not have to be perfect! Art is whatever your imagination creates! Add touches of color using bright gel pens or colored pencils. I used a distress marker in a fleshy pink tone and traced around all of the face lines to add dimension.

Thanks Again For viewing My post Today! Until next time, Jenn

The sweeties, mixed media

Hey there artsy peoples! Well yes I am back among the living
not 100% but definitely better than I was last week!  Thank you for the well wishing!
I hate getting sick because I get this crazy feeling like I need to make up lost time!
And sometimes what you really needed was just rest. But enough about that. 
So what am I up to? I am gathering up my girls and putting them into collections. 
I was thinking they would make wonderful gifts like journals….
Isn’t she sweet? She is on watercolor paper using Gelatos and PITT Artist Pens.
I thought she would be great friends with these little ladies from my art journal…

They are so fun, carefree and innocent I thought I would call them “the sweeties”. 
I even used one of the sweeties on my phone cover…

Of course I have that  big clunky case ( lifeproof) on there 
because I am notorious for dropping my phone and  this thing works!
But it wasn’t “cute” enough for me so I got a skin for it- with one of my girls on it. 
It has it on the front too but I didn’t think about taking the picture until now. 
I added the scripture digitally. (oooh I am doing thing hybrid! What?!) 
I am putting alot of things together before CHA – hopefully I will be able to 
reveal some of those things before it happens! Exciting stuff!
So maybe you can help me out – I have some ideas of where I would like to see my girls go,
journals, phone cases, purses, canvas, stationary…if you were interested what type 
of products could you see my girls on? I would so appreciate your input!

 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg


Hi sweet bloggers.  How are you doing?
I am struggling a bit- I started the week off good-
I did – I was so busy, working on lots of different artwork including this one.
Then stuff happened with my mom. 

As you know she is in assisted living and has Alzheimer’s & Dementia.  
I would like to say that knowing that she is safe is enough but it is not.
I have yet to get myself to a place where I can stop internalizing 
the hateful things she says, the  stress and guilt trips she puts me through – 
even I know that is not her it is hard not to let it get to me.

We had a very rough visit on Friday, on the way back to her home she yelled at me for over 
a half an hour because “there is nothing wrong with her”, she doesn’t remember why she is “that place”, she does not want me to take her back and she wants me to buy her plane tickets to CA right now! I kept my cool and I reminded her in a very calm and quiet voice that she is yelling and the kids are in the car and we could discuss this later without the kids.
She just got louder and said she would not stop screaming unless I took her to the airport right now! She repeated this over and over (and some other ugly things I won’t repeat)- 
I only told here this twice and stopped talking because
 I knew it would not do any good; the kids were silent the entire time.
I took her straight back home, she didn’t a word as we walked her to her room.
I told the kids to say goodbye and we left. I was shaking.
Not even a half an hour later she calls and I don’t answer- I am still reeling, my head hurts,
and I have had enough. Seriously with this disease and these type of visits I understand why relationships are strained and people do not visit their loved ones. It is very difficult to be around people who are so negative, mean and rude I pray that it wont always be like this – some people with this disease are not like this.  She made me so angry I did not want to go back…EVER, I knew it was unrealistic but I thought it, even if just for a moment (or two).
And here she is calling me like it never happened (because in her mind it didn’t!) saying she needs to run up to the store and could I come by when I get the chance.

I painted this instead.
I noticed many times whats going with me personally reflects in my work.
And this was the biggest piece I was working this week and even though is stuff with my mom is hard there is truly nothing I can do about it. So I pray and I draw, and I paint.
And God gives me peace to let it go. And I share. 
It’s a good process I think. 

It was pretty intense so I have only one in process picture.

Then it became like therapy  – I was in the zone.  

I did play with a little editing though.
Funny how a color changes the whole feel of a piece son’t you think?
I hope your weekend was better than mine.

 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

Blog Hop today!

 Hey there bloggers! Today is another chance to win prizes!
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft is teaming up with
Perfect Layers for a blog hop!  Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft will
be giving away $50 in prizes and Perfect Layers will be giving away
3 Perfect Layers Rulers! 
Here’s how you can win:
Just follow the links below- be sure to leave a comment on each post. 
That way, we’ll know you were there. 
You have until midnight EST, on April 5th to complete the hop
This is a two page layout I drew in my art journal.
I used Gelatos & PITT Artist Pens to color my pages.
 The Perfect Tears re are three rulers that you can use to tear
your pages. I used the one in the middle for my designs.
Tools are see-through and have great measurement guide!
 I used the Perfect Tears tool as a stencil to make those diamonds

as well as to tear the edges to give me two more hidden pages for journaling.

I used Gelatos wet and dry (with a dry sponge to blend). I used
a very wet paint brush dipped in Gelatos to get the splatter effect.
 I always try to do a little giveaway of my own on these things
so if you are a follower of my blog leave a comment and check
back on Wed to see if you won a little something from me…
I will pick one lucky winner!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft http://designmemorycraft.typepad.com/
Tiffany Johnson http://iheartartblog.com/
 Happy hopping!
*Perfect Layers also has a special discount for you- use coupon code
FC5% to get 5% off your entire order!

Twinkling fairy, a tutorial…sort of

Hey bloggers, I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Ours was very smooth and that makes me happy.
We did have snow on Christmas day- it was so cold
I felt like I was back in CO! The kids are loving it!
I am pretty much done with CHA projects so I have time
to get back to creating just to for the sake of creating!
The process:
 I draw, no special pencil I have tried many and actually
like mechanical pencils and a big white eraser. I don’t like 
taking the time to sharpen pencils, especially if I am on a roll.
Sometimes I do this in one sitting- sometimes I walk away and come back to it.
 Once I am happy with the drawing I use a black PITT Artist Pen in black XS.
I use these because they are filled with India Ink- 
it dries fast and is permanent once it’s dry.
I can use water or paint on top and I know nothing is going to happen to my image.
(It doesn’t bleed through the paper either!)
 Sometimes at this stage I might fix things that were not quite right. 
After I trace my lines I go back and erase any stray pencil lines. 
 When I do fairies I like to fill in the wings with a black PITT Artist pen- B tip.
Then I know I can use any medium and not lose my shapes.
For faces I like using Gelatos- various colors. 
Then I get a wet paint brush, mix Gesso and a little water
and use this to blend the Gelatos already on the page.
After that I get carried away with color and forget to take pictures! 
 I will tell you to get depth in the eyes I use the Aquarelles, 
wet with a paint brush and repeat around the edges.

 I used various mediums:
PITT Artist Pens, Gelatos, Aquarelles
Liquitex -Gesso & Gel Medium,

Ranger -Tim Holtz tissue paper & glossy accents

Creative Imaginations Twinkling H20’s.
I hope you enjoy  this post,
I will post some other pages soon. 
* And to answer a few questions that keep coming up,
the sponges I use when I use the dry technique for Gelatos
are called “Pan Pastel Softt Art sponges” the are similar
to a make up sponge but are super strong and

don’t fall apart as easily – even with stencils.

I use one sponge for each color so I dont get muddy colors
and I don’t have to rinse them out.

The Spirit of Giving, a Christmas purse

Just in case you did not see this on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog
yesterday I wanted to post it here. I have step by step instructions on the
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog if you want to check it out- there are
some tips on using the products on different surfaces!
The papers are from Creative Imaginations (most of them were white!)
and looking at this project I am reminded of a story and the Christmas Love Campaign.
Creating something for someone else to brighten their day!
The Spirit of giving.
Years ago when the kids were babies I was having one of those days.
Kids were fussy, too much to do, not enough time, feeling rushed and pressured.
This was before the little ones were diagnosed and believe me, there were some
really hard days! But we moms know there are still things that have to get done whether
or not the little darlings are cooperating. This was one of those days. 
I had already dropped two kiddos at school and had two babies
in the car all I had to do was run into Target – should have been quick and simple right?
But no, babies were screaming at the top of their lungs – at this time I had one that
always screamed whenever he was on his back (and these were car seat days)-
because he was screaming, he would get the other ones screaming as well.
To top it off the parking lot was packed and drivers were being rude and inconsiderate.
( I try to avoid shopping altogether the month of December- people get crazy out there!)
 I was driving in circles ready to give up and go home
because I could not find a space and the kids were still screaming
(my nerves were shot!) I finally spotted a parking space!
Right next to a big ‘ol Suburban.
I totally misjudged and hit the Suburban!
This lady is watching me; she starts yelling at me (her words were not lady like at all)
 and I am flipping out. So I parked anyway, I am trying to figure out what to do,
I put my kids in a shopping cart and was just hanging out in the Target parking lot!
I am waiting for the people that own the Suburban to come out.
I waited over an hour – the kids are a mess, I am a mess, my car is a mess
and the Suburban was a mess. The people didn’t come out and
I had to get back to school to pick up kids. So I decided to leave a note with

an apology, explaining that I couldn’t wait any longer and left my number.

I was so sick to my stomach thinking- what if something happens to the note
and somebody reports me or something for leaving? The lady yelling at
me when it happened left – I thought for sure she was going to come back with
security or something but she never did, but now I had to wait. 
I didn’t get a phone call until that night.
She was SO NICE. She couldn’ t believe I even left a note- 
 of course I would leave a note, I felt horrible about leaving!
 I don’t even know how but she told me about how her life was crazy right now and they
had an only child and they were trying to adopt and going all these things
(that we had already been through)- I told her that we had adopted; she was so excited to
talk to someone about it because they didn’t know anyone who had adopted. She said
this must have been orchestrated by God; that I hit her car so we could meet!
We laughed. I told her I would take care of whatever to fix her car she said
she would talk to her husband about it. I was relieved but nervous

because I knew it would be very expensive to fix.

She called me back after she had talked to her husband about it and they
decided not to let us pay for their car. I was floored- I did it,
 I was wrong and willing to pay for my actions.
But they showed me GRACE- totally undeserving – grace.
They didn’t even know me.
Fast Forward
We did meet in person- several times in fact to talk about
kids, adoption, family. She is a beautiful lady inside and out. They ended
up adopting several kids- all gorgeous. She never fixed the car- she said
it reminded her of how God meant for that to happen so she couldn’t fix it,
she said it made her smile every time she saw it.
Isn’t that something?
So in the hustle and bustle of Christmas- remember somebody in that other car could be

someone like me that is completely stressed out and maybe a little kindness

is what he or she needs this holiday season.
A little grace.
A little forgiveness?
It costs you nothing but you will receive so much in return.


Faber Castell Design Memory Craft
Green Tea & Lavender & Gelatos™, Metallic PITT® Artist Pen, White Pen, Stamper’s Big Brush Pen, PITT® Artist Pen

Creative Imaginations
Luminarte Twinkling H20’s Holiday Sparkle, Alphas, Die Cut Shapes, Exisetencil expressions,
Papers, Pearls, chipboard purse.

Xyron Create A Sticker

Card Inspiration Week! Challenge- building shapes!


Hey there bloggers! Pink Paislee put out a challenge to make cards this week

for World Card Making Day this Saturday.
Each day is a different challenge and I decided to take that challenge!
Today is challenge #5 – building shapes!
I drew these fun shapes and made this castle!

Supplies: Papers Pink Paislee,
Faber- Catsell Design Memory Craft PITT Artist Pens
Ranger Stickles

Give Thanks – Mixed media art page

So here it is my first DCWV DT project!
I am super excited to share this page in my art journal!
I had started this a while ago but for some reason had not worked on it.

My original thought was to write different words about fall…
Thanks, Harvest, grateful, leaves…
Then I got the Autumn Splendor stack form DCWV
and there it was, already printed up for me!
I had already started my page with swirls of Gelatos, modelier
creme and journaling so I had to figure out how to get that
beautiful paper in the background!
Then I remembered I had some tracing paper!
I traced around my painted areas, cut  them out and used
them for templates on the printed paper.

The colors are a perfect match!
It was exactly the feeling I was going for!
Here is a close up of the textures and colors!
It’s got lots of shine so unfortunately I got alot of glare-
it looks so much better in person!!!
In this close up you can see I also added
texture to her hat with this stuff called Texture fine.
I got it on clearance at Michaels (score!)
it’s just like a product called Snow Tex.
It dries hard and has lots of texture like stucco.
Here are two pictures of the completed pages,
so you can get a little different perspective.
I guess with the temperatures being in the 100’s
I am longing for a little fall!  How about you?
DCWV Autumn Splendor paper
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos, gesso & PITT Artist pens
Viva Decor Modelier Creme
Deco Art Texture Fine
Love My Tapes ribbon
Prima ribbon
Gel Matte medium 

Camera Mini…the big cats!

Hey there bloggers!
I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post!
That is so not like me!! This has been a busy summer!
I am super glad I got all of my DT work done right in the beginning of summer!
At least I am taking lots of pictures!
So today on the Clear Scraps blog I am sharing this little mini!
And they are doing a DT call right now so you might
want to check it out!

Here’s a couple of pages – we visited a shelter for
exotic cats and my son fell in love with the animals so
of course I had to make him his own little book!
He shared this with all his friends!
I “painted” all the pages using a dry sponge technique with my Gelatos.
1. Paint Gesso on the whole book and let it dry
2. Use several Gelatos in greens, draw lines and rub them in with a dry sponge.
3. Make some outlines with a black PITT pen.
He loves this book!
This is the back cover – I don’t usually do animals
but this was his idea & his book, so I had to try it.
The mane is very cool because it has
texture – I used modeling paste and a toothpick!
I hope this gives you ideas on what to do with all those vacation photos!
Make some mini albums!
P.S. If this is an album for your kids you might want to seal it,
I used matte gel medium, but any sealer will do!
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos (greens) & PITT pen
Golden matte gel medium & gesso