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Whats going on? Barakat Family Updates

Magical Theatre

Hello creatives, Rita here! Well, I am taking a few minutes to let you know what I am up to! First, if you are in the Houston area you should come check out my classes at CKC Houston! I am teaching three classes and if they are not full I believe you can still sign up today (last day). These classes completely sold out in Dallas. Second at the end of the week (also coinciding with this show is the release of two brand new items – I can’t show them yet but on Thursday I will have them in person and be able to show you! I will have them at the show in Houston and they will be available online!

Barakat Family Updates

Third – it has been a while since I have posted any Barakat family updates so here goes.
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A brand new book!

Hey Creatives!  I am SOOOO excited to announce something I have been working on for months!
Welcome to Magical Theatre! A place where imagination takes center stage!
As a long time, believer in all things fun and whimsical I am so excited to be
putting some of my characters in book form for creative play!
This book has enchanting dolls to put together with movable arms and legs,
darling costumes and wonderful backgrounds to set the stage!
Some of the dolls and backgrounds were left black and white for you to create and color!
I can’t wait for you to see it! For one week you can purchase it for 30% off the regular price! 

Check it out here!