Emotions Journal Layout

Hello, Everyone! Jenn here! Today I want to share my Emotions art journal layout with you.

Have you ever wanted to draw faces in your journal or other mixed media? If you have but you think your drawing skills won’t allow it you need to try these stencils! Rita Barakat designed them for this exact purpose.

These stencils are sold in a set In Rita’s Etsy Store here.

For this layout, I used the Sweet Sisters Flower stencil.

I also used The following stamps by Rita Barakat

Fairy Garden Background Stamp
Art Foamies Heart Wing

To create journal layouts like this one, start by creating a background. Use a combination of inks, sprays, and acrylics with stamps and stencils. Random ink sprays and splatters, combined with stamps brought this background to life. Once you have a background use the face stencils wherever you want them on your page. Add color to eyes and lips using pens or colored pencils as I did. You can also incorporate embossing powders as I did with mine. I used the Art Foamies Heart Wing stamp and white chalk ink. Stamp on the page and sprinkle with an iridescent pink embossing powder. Heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool.

Here are some more views of my process. Thank you so much for viewing my post! I hope that you are inspired to grab some of these stamps and stencils and get inky and creative with your journal!


In this photo, you can see where I started with thinner black lines and then started writing the script around the hair lines.


Adding white dots with a gel pen to the hair strands added more interest. Also, add some stamping with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp. This does not have to be perfect! Art is whatever your imagination creates! Add touches of color using bright gel pens or colored pencils. I used a distress marker in a fleshy pink tone and traced around all of the face lines to add dimension.

Thanks Again For viewing My post Today! Until next time, Jenn

Meeting old friends

Hey there crafty peeps! Last week I took a little trip to visit Sparks Studio in Arlington to meet up with my new pal Cindy Shepard (right) that I met at CHA. I was very honored to meet Rona Davis (center) and studio owner Suzanne McNeill there as well! It is always fun to meet up with other mixed media artists and with the internet when you meet up it’s like meeting up with old friends not strangers. There is an excitement in the air when you talk to other like minded people – my peeps, creative types are so fun! I left feeling very excited and blessed to do what I love and be able to share that with others.

I love meeting people that follow my blog or I follow theirs in person. Because you know time is short the conversation moves quickly – lots of energy and encouragement. I was thinking about how easily the conversation flows because of our shared interests.  I was thinking that’s how we should be at church – we live in such a busy world when we do get together we should be sharing our experiences and ideas and encouraging one another to continue to walk in faith.

I went to the doctor last week to get the results of all my  tests. After my surgery in December there was something odd going on in my right arm. Numbness at times and shooting pain in others, weakness… I had two MRI’s, nerve tests and countless blood tests. (Did I mention I am right handed?) After a month of the pain it started to heal but not before the pain spread to my neck and the other arm- the doc thinks it is the result of overcompensating for the weak arm. Meanwhile – more tests, they were thinking maybe I had  a small stroke during the surgery or this could be an onset of a debilitating disease.  So after all of that, I am doing physical therapy and the results show?…nothing. Nothing; at first I was a little irritated – those tests were not cheap and we still don’t have answers to what happened. But as the doc went over my results I felt a peace come over me; let me digress, anyone who knows me IRL knows I have suffered with migraines for years. Not  only did the tests not show anything but the doc said  the MRI’s looked very healthy, not like someone who has migraines. And I thought about the last time I had a migraine – it was the day of my surgery and it was very bad. I used to have migraines weekly, it was just a way of life. Sometimes they were so bad I had to go to the ER for shots. And I haven’t had any since Dec 9. My right arm is feeling better and the left is on the mend. There are no signs of a stroke or anything else and although there is no answer to what happened to my arm, I am healthy. Healed and feeling super blessed.

I shared this with my team ( I lead worship at our church) and I encouraged them this week to pay attention to what is going on around them. What could easily be construed as something negative could be a huge positive, or something trivial could be  something huge – a blessing that  you might miss if you don’t pay attention. Even if it’s just meeting up with old friends (or new ones) for coffee – be thankful you have friends and that you have time together. Be thankful that you have like minded people in your life – I know I am and look forward to the next time I meet up with mine. I know I have also said this before ~ make sure you take the time to enjoy the people you have in your life – you never know how much time you have left, don’t take anything for granted. I pray that you are blessed by this post.



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Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, The Crafters Workshop, DCWV, Deflecto, ColourArte and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

Whats going on?

july 2014 019100
Hey hey there crafty peeps! Did you see my blog post over on The Crafters Workshop blog! They have several brand new stencils and my post shares lots of fun layering techniques! If you get a chance go check it out and leave me some love! Holy cow have you been as busy as I am?? Whats going on?

IMG_2722100 IMG_2745100
The last few weeks have been crazy busy! Starting with taking our youth to a conference! Then hubby had vacation- we did a stay-cation, doing things about town. We also had three birthdays last month!

IMG_2812   IMG_2782

The last one was baby girls! Here she is with her new dolls! She is so excited!

IMG_2804   IMG_2827

After conference and our stay-cation baby girl and I went out of town to meet up with friends and go to CKC in Houston!

IMG_2822 IMG_2883

We had a great time Michelle Hodges and her daughter then headed into CKC where I got visit with…

IMG_2856 IMG_2873

my friend Susan Frase owner of Clear Scraps and my girl Tiffany Johnson (fellow DTfor Faber-Castell! One of the things I love about this business is running into your crafty friends – even when you don’t live in the same state! How awesome!

And if that isn’t enough this weekend I am headed to OHIO!  AUG *8&9 for this Stampaway convention! So if you are close to Cincinnati come check it out and don’t forget to stop by and say hi! I will doing Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft demos for Marcos Paper. When I get back I will be doing demos in Dallas at the Michaels 2014 Partner Summit and leadership Conference! By then I will be ready for school to start!! I am tired just looking at my schedule! LOL! How about you? Whats going on?



April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

The beauty of Life..,

Hey there peeps happy Friday!
I don’t know about you but this has been one of the longest busiest weeks ever!
And it wasn’t even anything fun like vacation` just a bunch of commitments and appointments that ended up on the same week. So I have had absolutely no creative time in the studio all week! (boo!)
So I searched and found this file form a while back that I wasn’t sure I shared before.
I made it for my firstborn on her birthday a while back.
( I did look back to see if I posted this before and I could not find so I went ahead and posted it now.)

 It started off with this wooden box- which was lovely, hubby got it for free
 but it is a wine box and we don’t drink. I knew I wanted to cover
it, so I started with a drawing on watercolor paper.

 Blending and shading…
 Adding lots of color…
As my children get older I want them to pay attention so this was the
perfect quote from Kellie Rae Roberts.
“The Beauty of life lives inside the smallest of moments- pay attention!”

One of the things on my schedule this week was helping out in the kids school.
I helped out in several classes – not just with my kiddos classes and one was the special ed class class.
It was hard and mind you, I have three special needs kids.

 I did not sign up for that class and when I walked in she said ” I didn’t sign up for parent volunteers…”
and it was awkward for a moment but she looked at my paper and sure enough there it was
her class
on my paper…
to me.
 So she said “well as long as you’re here…”
And I was uncomfortable at first – not because of the kids- because of the flood of memories of what
we have been through with our son and some of these children have to live everyday.
It was heartbreaking to me. Because even the simple tasks are so difficult.One of the kids I was working with had to work so hard just to write letters on the paper – he would try to quit after a few letters and we had to keep encouraging him to keep him on task. You could tell it was difficult to form the letters, to hold the paper and the pencil- as a mom not to take over because you know they need to do it for themselves but it’s so hard! But he finally did it and all the teachers and I praised him and he beamed! His smile lit up his beautiful face, it was so, so  sweet I almost lost it right there.

And  that’s when it hit me. I remembered those days when we celebrated even the tiniest victories –
In 2010 one of our kids had a reaction to a  medication and was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia  they said it was permanent. If you are not familiar this is a scary thing – for our little guy it not only meant he went from a  physically thriving 8 year old to – catatonic states to sudden outbursts of rage, high pitch noises and grunts instead of words, learning to read, write, and use sentences all over again, constant drooling , food coming out of his mouth when we would try to feed him) Yes he could not feed himself anymore).
Not to mention tremors, tics and odd movements.

It was not that long when we celebrated every tiniest victory!
because to you and me they might seem small, but for someone like my son they are
HUGE milestones!

And they still are – if we pay attention to them.
I think that was a divine appointment.
A wake up call to celebrate TODAY.

And those tiny victories add up! 
While I was busy looking at my current situation with my mom I forgot to give God glory for my son who only three years later does almost everything a “normal” 5th grader can do! He just learned how to read again last year and this year he is in regular classroom and performing at grade level for most of his subjects! He works very hard at what comes easily to others but God has given him a strong will and determination. I just can’t even begin to tell you all that is involved with this child and this miraculous recovery
We still see residual side effects like slight tremors in his hands and there may be an outburst here and there but overall if you did not know this had happened to him- you would never know by looking at him today.
Can you hear me singing “look what the Lord has done?”…
So yes I may have those setbacks, but those sweet kids reminded of another quote
“Enjoy the little things,you may look back and realize they were the big things.”
Robert Brault
I hope that after you read this post you will take the time to stop 
and enjoy the little moments and little victories in your life as well.
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