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Looking for art journaling techniques?

   looking for Art Journaling techniques? Dreams in circles
If you are looking for art journaling techniques, you are in the right place!
Hi there! My name is Jenn DuBell and I am so excited to be a part of this new team! I have admired Rita Barakat’s artwork for a while now so I was excited when she announced her DT call and now I am truly honored that she has chosen me to be a part of it!
Today I am sharing my art journal layout called “Dreams in Circles”
looking for Art Journaling techniques? Dreams in circles
I had so much fun trying out Rita’s new stamps and stencils with several different art journaling techniques to see the endless possibilities! For this page I used Sweet Sisters Hearts face stencil. As a little tribute to Rita herself, I used watercolor pencils in hues of blue and purple to get the amazing hair color. I used pinks and peaches for her sweet little face and added some bright greens for her eyes.
looking for Art Journaling techniques? Dreams in circles
Next, on to the fun background of my page! I used some teal stencil paint through a bubble stencil and some sprays of pink and purple. I added the same teal paint to Rita’s Art Foamies Zen Doodle stamp and then a high impact white gel pen for highlights. For the circles, I used several acrylic paints in coordinating colors onto white cardstock with a Gelli plate and circle stencil. I then stamped them with Rita’s Whimsical Fairy Garden Background stamp and Fairy Magic stamps.
looking for Art Journaling techniques? Dreams in circles
Next, I punched out circles in three different sizes and adhered them onto my pages, highlighting the outer edges with a black watercolor pencil and a water brush. I wanted to add some pops of red here and there so I used Dylusions paint pens. I also added a few white highlights to the bubbles and some wording. I enjoyed all the bright colors and watching how Rita’s creations come to life!
Here are some closer views. I just love the sweet faces you can create with Rita’s stencils and bright colors!
Here are the links to get Rita’s stamps and stencils!
 Thanks so much for reading and I hope you get some inspiration from this layout.
Jenn DuBell

The truth about fantasy hair color

Rita Barakat Pravana Vivids hair color   Rita Barakat Pravana Locked In hair color

Hey there creatives, hair color post? I have had so many people ask about my hair color that I finally decided to do a hair color post that I can refer people to.  What does an artsy blog have to do with hair color? Well some of the concepts for art absolutely transfers over to hair color; not to mention we creative types always have colorful ideas!

Disclaimer –  I can only share my hair color experience. I am not a hairdresser but I’ve been doing this for a long time – so I can share what worked and didn’t work for me. My hair color days actually start in high school, I wanted a purple streak.  We lived in Cali, my mom took me to a very trendy salon in Hollywood so they could bleach it and dye it purple. Fast forward, I joined the swim team, the first time I went in the pool I had my beautiful purple color and when I got out of the water it was a hideous white!  I went to school in Massachusetts and nobody had purple hair color, the closest they could find was pink (to this day I am not a fan of pink) I ended up going back to black.  Fast forward again, fantasy hair color finally became popular and now there are so many options! So of course I wanted my purple hair color back…and a little blue …maybe a little lavender or light blue!

(Picture~ colors Pravana Vivids Violet hair color with Blue underneath on the right Pravana Locked In purple)

Rita Barakat Pravana Vivids hair color   Rita Barakat Pravana Vivids Hair Color

At first I wanted to dye the underneath purple and keep the top black, I had a regular hairdresser and talked to her about it and she kept trying to talk me out of it.  (* Note to hairdressers, listen to your clients – she is no longer my hairdresser. That’s all I’m gonna say about that!) My hair is naturally pitch black, dry and curly so maybe she wasn’t comfortable but instead of dying the whole bottom like I asked she did two small  streaks – more like highlights, I was not happy. They weren’t a bright fun purple, it was very dark and not noticeable at all. She used Ion – it did nothing for my hair.  I didn’t see how much she lightened it first but it was so dark it looked more like a black with maroon on top – only noticeable in the sun. I went back and she still wouldn’t do it so I had to take matters into my own hands…literally.

(Pravana Vivids Violet mixed with Wild Orchid ~ I loved the Wild Orchid but it fades really fast into a light magenta ~did I mention I am not a pink person?)

Rita Barakat Pravana Locked In hair color   Rita Barakat Pravana Vivids

I did a lOT of research and I was a little nervous with all the horror stories about bleach so I only did a little at first , then got a little bolder,  when I figured out how long it would take to do it right I went for it! Lots of highlights, I used Loreal Quick Blue, since I started with black hair I ended up stopping after a bit and starting again the next day – you have to be so careful, you can cause a  lot of damage! Looking back now I would not recommend doing this part yourself, especially if your hair is super dark like mine. Let a hairdresser do the bleaching! (But if you do bleach it yourself make sure you follow instructions!)  Now I go to the hairdresser when it’s time to bleach. My hair grows out really fast, about an inch to and inch and a half every five weeks. I can’t stand fading (note the horrible pic on the right – that was a trial to see how long I could go without touching it up! Ugh! This was right about 7 weeks (never doing that again! UGH!) I can’t go to the hairdresser every five weeks so I do color it myself in between visits.

(Left Pravana Locked In Purple hair color and the right Pravana Vivids  Violet and Blue underneath faded at 7 weeks. The blue hair color starts to look really gray and the purple fades to a pretty lavender- I just think it doesn’t look good on me.)

Rita Barakat Pravana Locked In hair color

I made sure my hair was in very good shape before bleaching, I used Living Proof restore mask treatment (P.S. if your hair is very damaged or dry this stuff is Amazing, but also very expensive – I tried the shampoo and conditioner, didn’t care for the shampoo, it smells awesome and leaves your hair soft but it also takes a lot of the hair color out! I would totally use it if I didn’t have these fantasy hair colors.
(P.S. these colors are semi permanent not permanent).
(Pravana Locked In Colors purple and blue)

I did not lighten my hair all the way to white, however the lighter the color the better your hair color will look. This is where the hair color/art correlation begins, if you start with white paper all of colors look bright, vibrant and their natural hue. If you do not lighten enough you may end up with odd colors – for example yellow+blue =green, not blue. Pink or magenta and yellow = some shade of orange. (again please make sure you follow the instructions).
Rita Barakat Electric Blue Special Effects hair color

I tried the Ion hair color again thinking maybe the hairdresser didn’t lighten it enough but it just didn’t work for me, the color wasn’t right and faded right away. I was not impressed. Then I tried Special Effects and it was AMAZING – the color was bright and sooo cool. I found it online, (if you find the color you love order more than one bottle they are sometimes hard to find) these hair colors fade into other colors; Electric Blue fades to purple but when I tried to order it again I couldn’t get it anywhere! So I tried Deep purple which was also cool but faded into pink – did I mention I do not do pink? I hated it! The first hair colors were gorgeous and it would have been cool if I liked pink, but I wanted the pink out and guess what happened? I went to order it again, thinking I’ll just keep re-dying it every time it starts to fade and what happened? I couldn’t get the purple/blue colors anywhere! I couldn’t find anyone that was selling those colors, it took months before it came back in stock, by then I moved onto Pravana Vivids.

(Picture – Special Effects Electric Blue hair color – first week of color. I loved this color but the Electric Blue hair color fades quickly to purple the purple is nice but not as striking as the blue. If you are looking for a bold blue that stays Blue Mayhem stays blue. I’ve also used Pimpin Purple – it has red  undertones making it more of a plum- I prefer blue undertones. Deep purple was awesome until it faded into pink ~ and you know how I feel about that. But I have not been able to order it again, it’s always out of stock)

Rita Barakat Pravana Vivids hair color
(Pravana Vivids hair color in Violet, Blue and Teal mixed with blue)

I love Pravana Vivids hair color  – I mix the Violet with a little Blue, and I have blue and light blue (mixing teal and blue) highlights. I love that the hair color doesn’t change and it takes about 5 weeks before it starts fading, then I do it again at home.  It looks super bright outside and indoors it’s more toned down. I only get the roots and some highlights bleached about every four months so my color always looks fresh. My hairdresser does an amazing job. (If you are local and need her number let me know!)

When the Pravana Locked In hair color came out I was so excited to try it because all of these hair colors have some bleeding – onto pillowcases, towels, your shower (no white collars at least the first few washes!) The Pravana Locked In hair colors rinse clear every time! However they are not as bright and don’t pop like the Vivids. I guess if you don’t mind it not being as bright it’s ok,  but after using Pravana Vivids and Special Effects hair color I wasn’t going to be happy so I went back to the Vivids.

(Special Effects hair dye  Blue Velvet, Pimpin Purple and Virgin Rose.After a week touch up)

UPDATE – After a year or so with Pravana I went back to Special Effects, my hair looks healthier (I say looks because anytime there is bleach involved you are killing your hair!)  I noticed after a while the Pravana made my hair look dull  and now  my hair is always shiny. Also because the colors fade into other colors you can go longer between touch ups.

So if you are still with me here are some important tips for fantasy hair color!

  1. Clorox bleach spray is your friend especially if you are touching it up yourself!  It takes the color stain off counters, sinks and showers!
  2. When I first get my hair done the first time I wash my hair I do it in my stainless steel sink – there is a hand held shower attachment so it’s easier and there is usually a lot of color running so this way it  doesn’t get all over me! KWIM?
  3. You should not wash your hair color with hot water! It causes your  hair color to bleed more.
  4. Condition, condition, condition! I also use Olaplex and Redken Cat Protein treatment once a month. These colors (well the bleaching) really takes it’s toll on your hair.
  5. Get regular lot of trims- yes there is breakage. OK now that I have been using the Olaplex and the Redken Cat for  a few months I no longer see a bunch of breakage! (Now if you have gorgeous healthy hair don’t do this, get extensions dyed instead!)
  6. There is a sandstone soap from Lush that is amazing for taking hair color off of your hands (yes, these colors make your hands bluish when you shampoo).
  7. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are a must! I finally found one I love it’s called Caviar (amazon) it smells amazing and my hair really does look healthy now. Which is amazing when you consider how many times I have bleached my hair!
  8. Always use Heat protecting spray before flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer. I like “it’s a 10”.Oh I also tried Overtone – yes, it did refresh my color but it was really uneven and spotty, I won’t be buying that again. Maybe if my hair was all one color I would use it.

So that is my hair story,  it’s a lot of work and $$$ but I love it and can’t imagine going back to a normal hair color!
Yes I am that girl, purple and blue hair color, burgundy combat boots or cowboy boots.
I am an artsy girl.

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