Emotions Journal Layout

Hello, Everyone! Jenn here! Today I want to share my Emotions art journal layout with you.

Have you ever wanted to draw faces in your journal or other mixed media? If you have but you think your drawing skills won’t allow it you need to try these stencils! Rita Barakat designed them for this exact purpose.

These stencils are sold in a set In Rita’s Etsy Store here.

For this layout, I used the Sweet Sisters Flower stencil.

I also used The following stamps by Rita Barakat

Fairy Garden Background Stamp
Art Foamies Heart Wing

To create journal layouts like this one, start by creating a background. Use a combination of inks, sprays, and acrylics with stamps and stencils. Random ink sprays and splatters, combined with stamps brought this background to life. Once you have a background use the face stencils wherever you want them on your page. Add color to eyes and lips using pens or colored pencils as I did. You can also incorporate embossing powders as I did with mine. I used the Art Foamies Heart Wing stamp and white chalk ink. Stamp on the page and sprinkle with an iridescent pink embossing powder. Heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool.

Here are some more views of my process. Thank you so much for viewing my post! I hope that you are inspired to grab some of these stamps and stencils and get inky and creative with your journal!


In this photo, you can see where I started with thinner black lines and then started writing the script around the hair lines.


Adding white dots with a gel pen to the hair strands added more interest. Also, add some stamping with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp. This does not have to be perfect! Art is whatever your imagination creates! Add touches of color using bright gel pens or colored pencils. I used a distress marker in a fleshy pink tone and traced around all of the face lines to add dimension.

Thanks Again For viewing My post Today! Until next time, Jenn

Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Doiarama Box

Hello there! My name is Jenn and today I want to show you my Fairy Garden Diorama Box! Who doesn’t love fairies and bunnies? I know I do and I just love the whimsical stamps Rita Barakat created! For this project, I used her Art Foamies Hot Air Balloon stamp in combination with her Fairy Garden Background and Fairy Garden Stamp sets.

Fairy Garden Background Stamp Fairy Garden Stamp Set

Now, Let’s see how it was done!

First, let’s create the balloon and baskets.

To create this whimsical diorama, start with the Art Foamies Hot Air Balloon Stamp Set and stamp two of the balloons and three of the baskets onto heavy card stock using ink in a few of your favorite bright colors. For mine, I chose aqua, pink, lime, and a touch of purple. Now, use double sided tape or another adhesive to adhere these pieces to a thin chipboard. If you use a wet adhesive let dry completely. Next, cut these out and set them aside to dry completely.

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Now, onto the fairy, bunnies, trees, and mushrooms!

 To stamp the fairy, bunnies, and mushrooms from the Fairy Garden Stamp Set, use black permanent ink on watercolor paper. Do the same with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp two or three times next to each other. Next, sprinkle images with clear embossing powder while the ink is still wet and then activate the powder with a heat tool. Doing this will give you a raised edge to use as a guideline for coloring your images and it will ensure that they do not run together. Use watercolor pens and/or pencils in coordinating colors to color your stamped images. Next, cut out all of the images you want to use once they are dry.

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Finally! Assembly time!!

For the basket, you will need to create a joint on each corner (4 total) using cardboard as shown below. Use one of the stamped baskets for the sides by cutting it in half. Once joints have adhered it should create a small box. I used double sided tape for this.

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Next, begin assembling the diorama. Place paper straws in front and back of the basket to place the balloon on. Place Fairy in the basket, and continue building with foam dots or bits of cut cardboard and adhesive until you have the scene you like!  Glue or tape the diorama to a piece of thin chipboard and adhere to the box lid. Paint the top with a green acrylic paint to blend in. Now, add a sentiment to the front of box lid and place it on the box! Now put something fun inside and give your gift!

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Jenn DuBell Fairy Garden Diorama Box

Thanks so much for joining me in creating this fun whimsical gift box! I hope that you are inspired to create one of your own!! Until next time have fun creating! X Jenn

Jenn DuBell Rita Barakat Design Team



























Journal page using Cowboy Boot Stamp

Hello Everyone, Shilpa here,

I am sharing with you a fun journal page using Rita’s Cowboy Boot stamp.

To start with, I used black archival ink on this stamp to get a lovely crisp image on my textured paper.

To create the background on the white mixed media paper, I applied white gesso first and let it dry completely.

I sprayed teal and yellow inks and dried it on the surface by using a heat tool.

I created splatters with same inks and brush.

Then I added the Cowboy Boot stamp image onto the surface.

I created outlines around the Cowboy Boot stamp. using a black marker.

Lastly, I added journaling words and sequins…. and my Cowboy Boot . art journal page was ready.

You could turn this into a card, invitation or even a canvas! We would love to see what you create, please leave us a link below or tag us on FB @RitaBarakat1 or Instagram @RitaBarakatart!

Thanks so much for stopping by.








Art Journal Video

Hey hey peeps! Here is is a flashback  – I had to redo this art journal video for something else and I thought I would share it here on my blog in case you  haven’t seen it! (Lots of Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!)I love this art journal page, so if you haven’t yet, meet Rose…

Have a great day, blessings to you!

April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop, Deflecto and freelances for a variety of manufacturers


Preserving memories blog hop

Aug 2014 004100

Hey there artsy peeps! Today I am participating in a little blog hop with some other very talented artsy peeps form the Designer Crafts Connection! So if this is your first time on my blog welcome! The theme of the blog hop is how do you preserve your memories or vacation memories. Because of the way we live we don’t do vacations like other people – we do weekend trips or places we can drive to because we have a big  family and special needs kids. So diverting from “the schedule” or normal routine is difficult and we try not to do that. That being said we have visited many places, together we have lived in four different states, I lived in one other state and I was born on an island. We have visited many of the states that are adjacent to the states we have lived in. We have spent significant amounts of time in 16 states. Not world travelers I know but the best thing about traveling is the time spent with people we love and the memories we made!

Hence the quote! Here is a little mixed media piece I did just for this hop. (Details below)

Aug 2014 009100
I am quite freakish about the way I preserve our memories and although I could have done a book on the places we have been to,  I don’t organize my layouts that way. Here is a picture of  our bookshelf (Ikea) in the living room. there are eight cubbies in the bottom filled with scrapbooks. We have five kids each of them has their own book for the first year and 2-3 more books individually. The kids individual books focus on their personalities, milestones, birthdays, their friends and interests. I also have scrapbooks separated by the year, these are family albums- all the group pictures, family and friends. Any traveling adventures go into the yearly books.

Aug 2014 011100 Aug 2014 014100
Having been on several design teams I have a lot of mini books – usually I fill these with my favorite pictures of the year. A few are my favorite holidays – Thanksgiving and Easter but mostly the focus is on my little blessings – my kids.

So by now you think wow this girl is organized! Ummm…


Aug 2014 015100
While I would like to pretend I totally have it together, being on design teams sometimes means producing a lot of work and quickly! And it can start adding up fast! LOL! Hubby is so awesome he found this unit on wheels by the dumpster!!!! It is perfect for 12×12 layouts and yes, they are separated by child or family albums. When I get around to getting them into albums at least they are already separated!

Aug 2014 002100
So here are the details I promised – this is a chipboard matte board with layers and layers of Gelatos, PITT Pens, stencils, stamps(Stampendous), gel medium, gesso, tissue paper, rub letters and glaze as a top coat! I had so much fun I will definitely do this technique again!

Aug 2014 005100
Tip: got old rub ons or stickers that dont match? Cut them up to make your own words, mix and match! Also Gel medium works great to seal in those rubons – sometimes rub ons stick great , sometimes…This makes sure they wont go anywhere!

Aug 2014 006100
Tip: Don’t have the right letters for what you wan’t to say? Get your PITT pens and write it in – it’s less intimidating when you don’t have to do a whole paragraph! Add character with dots, lines and doodles.

Aug 2014 007100
The texture stamps are from Nathalie Kalbach -one of her new lines for Stampendous! Aren’t they cool? Thanks Nathalie!

Aug 2014 008100
Here is a good close up of the layers involved- layer 1 gesso, 2 Gelatos, 3 gel medium & glaze tissue paper, layer 4 more Gelatos, layer 5 stamps and rub ons, layer 6 gel medium and Glaze. I love color!


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Thanks for stopping by, much love peeps.


April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop, Deflecto and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

Goodbye Summer



Hey hey there bloggers anybody wanna winsome prizes? Over on the Design Memory Craft blog  I am up with this project today using Hazel and Ruby on this DCWV burlap paper. It’s a great DIY so go check it out! Not to mention lots of prizes!

july 2014 002100

This is part of our back yard, it’s been fun to see the kids all playing. Goodbye Summer. Monday the kids start school YAY! It has been a crazy busy summer and I am ready for school to start again! I never thought I would but I like having a schedule! Especially for my kids, they thrive on it. All of the school supplies have been bought, groceries for lunches, backpacks, new clothes and shoes.


july 2014 001100

The kids have grown a lot this summer – we had to buy shoes and clothes in much bigger sizes! I love this time a year, another chance for a new start- re-evaluating and getting organized!


I am ready, even bought some supplies of my own so I can “back to school”myself!!! I can’t wait! And how about you? What are you up to these days?

April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers

Every child is an artist


Aug 2014 014100

Hey you crafty peeps! I just had to show you this fun frame from Deflecto that you can use to display your kids masterpieces! I personally don’t like a bunch of loose papers on my fridge and I this would be a great way for the kids to feel special, have their art on display and contain the clutter! And you can rotate the art as their new favorites are created!

AUGUST 2014 013100

I added a banner across the top with some Gesso along the top.(Did you know that you can use Gesso on acrylic/plastic?) After it was completely dry I went back and added color with Gelatos (used them wet with a paint brush) and stickers for the title.

AUGUST 2014 034100

Here is a close up – I used a spatula, just like spreading frosting; I love the texture it leaves behind. Now every time my little artist have something to share I have a great place to put their finished masterpieces! Of course now I need to make two more so they can all have their own “gallery”. (the old pictures can rotate to the back of the frame- several papers can fit inside!)

April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

Banners of Hope Project “Never Lose Hope”

©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved 2013

Hey there sweet peeps! How goes your week? Well I am super excited to share  my finished banner

for the Banners of Hope project “Never Lose Hope” with you today! (In progress photos can be found in my previous post. )

I had lots of fun playing with all the different mediums, Gelatos, PITT Artist Pens, Pearl Pens, Gesso, Modeling paste…

I even added a few surprise elements like a banner made from the glitter stack paper by DCWV, a handmade ribbon flower

and a couple of flower gems. The tiny flowers in her hair are Heidi Swapp bling.

This is is being donated to the Banners of Hope project which will be on display at CHA, then at  Charity Wings Art Center in San

Diego,then in a traveling show to various children, veteran & senior hospitals. I think they will like it, I was happy how it turned out.

   ©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved 2013

I loved the flocked iron on letters for the word “HOPE” I have had those in forever, knowing I would use

them “one day”! It was a perfect addition to this piece! The string is embroidery thread I bought years ago;

I saw the sparkly  purple spool  and I had to buy it! (No – I don’t embroider! LOL! Am I the only one who does that?)

©Rita Barakat, All RIghts Reserved 2013


It’s been overcast here so you cant see there is actually a nice glaze over her eyes and lips,

but you get the general idea!

I hope you are getting some creative time with all the hustle of the holidays!

Our schedule seems pretty crazy these days, between kids performances and Christmas parties!

I know I having to MAKE TIME to be creative! Luckily I have some wonderful people

in our lives that enjoy handmade gifts so I have to make the time to create them!

I hope liked my Banners of Hope project “Never Lose Hope”!

Rita Barakat


Banners of Hope Project, part I

Dec 2013 032_800x600

Hello sweet blog readers!
Today is a new day and it is still chilly here in Texas!
Today I am sharing  a little project I am working on for CHA.
It’s for the Banners of Hope Project

The Craft and Hobby Association,The Fabric Arts Council, Charity Wings
will work to coordinate a traveling exhibit of the Banners of Hope project
providing a message of Hope at hospitals, veteran, children’s and senior homes/centers across
the country, as well as provide continued exposure for CHA and the Fabric Arts Council.
I am one of many artists participating in this project that will be unveiled at CHA in Jan.

©Rita Barakat, All Rights Resereved ©Rita Barakat, All Rights Resereved

In addition to Gesso and drawing on my canvas  I am adding letters, altering them with modeling paste and
Gesso so I can paint them whatever color I want to use for my project.
The green letters are iron ons- I will do those last, they spell the word “hope”.

©Rita Barakat,  All Rights Reserved ©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved

I used Gelatos to color her face- I always start with the face, for me that is the most important part; Once the face
is how I want it everything else falls right into place.

©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved


Lots of color with Gelatos and a wet paint brush, for me  I continue to add color until
it looks the way I want it to.  Come on Thursday to see the finished project!