Emotions Journal Layout

Hello, Everyone! Jenn here! Today I want to share my Emotions art journal layout with you.

Have you ever wanted to draw faces in your journal or other mixed media? If you have but you think your drawing skills won’t allow it you need to try these stencils! Rita Barakat designed them for this exact purpose.

These stencils are sold in a set In Rita’s Etsy Store here.

For this layout, I used the Sweet Sisters Flower stencil.

I also used The following stamps by Rita Barakat

Fairy Garden Background Stamp
Art Foamies Heart Wing

To create journal layouts like this one, start by creating a background. Use a combination of inks, sprays, and acrylics with stamps and stencils. Random ink sprays and splatters, combined with stamps brought this background to life. Once you have a background use the face stencils wherever you want them on your page. Add color to eyes and lips using pens or colored pencils as I did. You can also incorporate embossing powders as I did with mine. I used the Art Foamies Heart Wing stamp and white chalk ink. Stamp on the page and sprinkle with an iridescent pink embossing powder. Heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool.

Here are some more views of my process. Thank you so much for viewing my post! I hope that you are inspired to grab some of these stamps and stencils and get inky and creative with your journal!


In this photo, you can see where I started with thinner black lines and then started writing the script around the hair lines.


Adding white dots with a gel pen to the hair strands added more interest. Also, add some stamping with the Fairy Garden Background Stamp. This does not have to be perfect! Art is whatever your imagination creates! Add touches of color using bright gel pens or colored pencils. I used a distress marker in a fleshy pink tone and traced around all of the face lines to add dimension.

Thanks Again For viewing My post Today! Until next time, Jenn

Mixed media on walls? Yes!

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
TGIF peeps! Mixed media on walls? Yes! If you saw my live periscope a couple of weeks ago you saw me using stencils (DCWV) and Texture Paste (White Crackle Media and Texture Fierro – Deco Art ) on my walls! Just like we use mixed media techniques on paper and canvas I wanted to add texture on my accent wall! It was a fun and easy project – you can do this!  This is the end result! Someone had a question about repainting and what would I do, it is a raised surface so you would have to sand it down a bit before repainting. I am always doing all kinds of techniques around the house this one was quite simple which is what I wanted in this room. I needed it to be calm and  serene, a place to relax.

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
Here you can see the new floors and the plain walls before the furniture came back in. When we moved into our house the living room and dining room had hardwood floors and we always felt like the front room (office) and master bedroom connected to it should have been hardwoods; unfortunately that was already decided  before we bought the house. With our anniversary coming up we wanted to do something for us. Every house we ever bought we decorated the living areas first, then the kids bedrooms and our room never seemed to make it on the to do list!) It’s going to be our 25th anniversary (yes I was a child bride lol!) and since we have special needs kids we can’t exactly go on a trip or anything; so we have decided to do a room makeover. We got new floors, I painted the walls, got a new bed and chairs for the room!  The floors alone alone make it look so much bigger!

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
Here is the wall with the bed, my little nightstand will actually go in between the chairs as it is too short for the high bed!  I had to get a new bedspread to match the new walls and bed! I  found this one at Target- since the walls look more blue than grey in person I bought this one that has light blue, tan and grey in it! I got lucky! I am going to make a sign for over the bed, it will say “I have found the one my soul loves ” from Song of Solomon 3:4.  Not sure what it will look like but it will be a mixed media piece!  You can use your mixed media supplies on other surfaces…even your walls! You have to think out of the box!

DIY nightstand makeover!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Hey creatives DIY nightstand makeover today!!  Super excited to share this second project from the Prime Publishing event I shared in my last post! When you see the finished project (above) it’s hard to imagine how it started but with a little help from some very cool products I was able to make a huge makeover check it out below…

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Here is the view from the top of the nightstand, you can see all the cracks and holes not to mention it’s pink which doesn’t go with anything in my house!  I  filled some holes, did LOTS of sanding and I used a swiffer to pick up all the dust! I was ready to do some serious DIY painting!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Here is what the nightstand looked like before – most of it was in pretty good shape it just needed a little TLC. One of the legs was stripped so I used a little glue (Beacons quick grip)  to keep it in place. Once it was cleaned up, sanded , filled and glued I started to paint.

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I did not use a primer, I did use Plaid chalk paint and it covered beautifully! No primer needed!
(I hate the way  most primers smell!)

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I did the edging with Testors enamel paint – they look great together!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
The accent was my favorite part, I used a stencil for DCWV with a little repositionable glue and Deoc Art foil I got this  brilliant decorative shine (did I mention I love a little sparkle?).

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I like this look much better! And it goes perfectly with my room makeover (I will post those pictures on Friday!)
You will find this project on the Fave Crafts site here.
Stay tuned I have another post coming ASAP with my third and final project for Prime Media!
Please go vote for this or one of the other two previous projects I posted for this contest!

Every child is an artist


Aug 2014 014100

Hey you crafty peeps! I just had to show you this fun frame from Deflecto that you can use to display your kids masterpieces! I personally don’t like a bunch of loose papers on my fridge and I this would be a great way for the kids to feel special, have their art on display and contain the clutter! And you can rotate the art as their new favorites are created!

AUGUST 2014 013100

I added a banner across the top with some Gesso along the top.(Did you know that you can use Gesso on acrylic/plastic?) After it was completely dry I went back and added color with Gelatos (used them wet with a paint brush) and stickers for the title.

AUGUST 2014 034100

Here is a close up – I used a spatula, just like spreading frosting; I love the texture it leaves behind. Now every time my little artist have something to share I have a great place to put their finished masterpieces! Of course now I need to make two more so they can all have their own “gallery”. (the old pictures can rotate to the back of the frame- several papers can fit inside!)

April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

DIY Making shelves!

July 2014 067100

Hey there Creatives – a day early on my DIY post this week! Where does the time go?  Today I have my baby girl helping me out!

She is quite talented in all things crafty, hmmm I wonder where she gets that from? We decided we needed another shelf like this one


I made the blue one and decided I need another! I am the kind of girl that needs to see her supplies!

July 2014 003100


First I gathered supplies – sized will vary depending on what size of shelf you want to make. My shelf is
So I needed *all strips are 1/4 inch thick
2 strips (top and bottom)  4 ft 1 inch
2 strips (sides) 2 ft 2 inches
3 strips (shelves) 4 ft
6 support beams(You could have more) 1/4 square strips~ 2 ft 1/2inch
Hardboard (backing)  26 inches x 4 ft  1 inch(This is the space I was trying to fill)
Wood Glue (I used Elmers)
4 support strips (you might want to change this depending on how far apart you want to place your shelves) 2@7 inches, 1@6 inches,1@4inches
Damp paper towels
Yard stick
Hand saw

July 2014 061100 July 2014 064100

The first time I did the shelves I bought the wood strips already cut at a craft store and it proved to be quite expensive. This time I went to the hardware  store and got longer strips so it was cheaper – the work was about the same, you still have to trim strips so why not go cheaper?

Step 1 Get yourself a cute little helper and trim all your pieces.

July 2014 004100   July 2014 005100
Step  2 Start your outside frame. I am using wood glue to glue it to the base and each other. I did flat corners, not angles for corners. Angles get complicated and I am not that patient!  *Note my wood had one side that was rounded, I made sure the rounded edge was all facing up so the parts I was gluing were flush.

Step 3 Glue shelves & support strips into place – putting in support strips in between the shelves to keep them tight!

July 2014 007100    July 2014 008100
Step 4 Glue in the little support beams – this really helps them from moving. On the first shelf system I made them the length of the shelves and cut them in between support strip – this time I measure wrong so I had to improvise. The measurements are for the length of the shelves – so yours will look better. 😉

*wipe as you go! Any glue that seeps out needs to be wiped right away with a damp clothe or paper towel. It looks much better than having to paint over drips!

July 2014 006100   July 2014 010100
Allow to dry overnight! (Painting and placement is for another day!

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April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® team, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.


DIY Friday! Frame edition!

2014-06-20 July 2014
Hey there bloggers!!! It’s Friday! And to a lot of people it means DIY – do it yourself makeovers! I bought this 16×20 wood ornate frame at at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $14.00 because the glass was broken! That’s not a big deal to me – with 3 rough and tumble boys glass doesn’t last long in this house! I knew the first thing I was going to do was make it a cork backing . I removed the back and replace it with cork , then covered it with linen type fabric. At the time I wasn’t sure what colors I was going to use in my studio so I left it and that was OK for a while. Now that I have my colors it was time to do some makeovers! I was super lucky to receive Design Master Color Tool Spray in Turquoise and it matched my room! Perfect for DIY Friday! Frame edition! May 2014 013100 So I took my project outside  and covered my grass! It is spray paint and you need proper ventilation! May 2014 014100 Now I could have primed it- but when I get an idea I just run with it! So I didn’t but it covered quite beautifully! May 2014 015100 After a couple of coats the color was gorgeous!!!!And look at the coverage!!! (I am no expert sprayer!lol) July 2014 004 And here it is finished and hung – not the greatest lighting but you get the picture! (I don’t know why I didn’t take the picture outside! too excited and I forgot!) I love color and this makes me so much more happy than neutrals! Even if they are metallic! So there you have it DIY Friday! Frame edition! What will you create this weekend?

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April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® team, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.

Hair color – DIY!!!

ritabarakat.com5   Hey there artsy peeps! Oh my goodness what is going on! I bet you are wondering why there isn’t an artsy project on my blog right now! But this this IS ARTSY!!! LOL ! Hair color – DIY!  I have had so many people leave comments about my hair and how I got the color (I did also recently cut it short but thats another story!)  So I wanted to have my hair color changed and my hairstylist was not understanding that I did not mean subtle! I paid all this money and it wasn’t noticeable at all! So I went on the hunt and took matters into my own hands! IMG_2012 IMG_2203 IMG_2205   First I had to gather some supplies – I do NOT have a beauty background but I did a lot of research! I used  Loreals Quick Blue (Sally Hansen stores) to bleach my hair – follow instructions! I did not make it white but I will say the color is brighter the lighter it is.  My hair is naturally black so it’s not like I can dye on top – my hair is resistant it wouldn’t even show! So then I went on the hunt for color! My first time I used Special Effects – and I loved it but I couldn’t get the same color again, it’s really hard to find and I don’t like faded hair so I tried Chromasilk by Pravana! LOVE the colors I have in now are Wild Orchid, Blue and Violet. IMG_2207 IMG_2209   This is so easy! After the bleach COLOR! IMPORTANT TIPS! 1. You must wear gloves – this stains EVERYTHING! I happen to have this Clorox on hand and I sprayed my stone counters and it worked! 2. You don’t have to mix it with any color HOWEVER here are some things I found out- to get that really bright color purple on my tips I mixed the violet half conditioner with half color because the violet is very dark by itself – almost like the color of an eggplant! Don’t mix the Wild Orchid unless you want it PINK! By itself it is the pinkish wine color. I also used foil to keep the color separate. IMG_2011 Now if you have other color dyes in your hair already you can use this product to lift some of that color and this works – but warning it smells terribly so I hope you have a well ventilated area! Here are some more pics… ritabarakat.com1 ritabarakat.com2 ritabarakat.com3

Let me know if you have any more questions!!!

***Forgot to say! This is high maintenance hair! LOL ! I don’t like my hair to look faded so I have to retouch the color (not rebleach!!!just add color!) about every five weeks – lest I go pink and this girl is not into pastels! And it bleeds when you take a shower so you better get some dark towels and use bleach for your shower too!!

Rita siggyb