Mixed media on walls? Yes!

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
TGIF peeps! Mixed media on walls? Yes! If you saw my live periscope a couple of weeks ago you saw me using stencils (DCWV) and Texture Paste (White Crackle Media and Texture Fierro – Deco Art ) on my walls! Just like we use mixed media techniques on paper and canvas I wanted to add texture on my accent wall! It was a fun and easy project – you can do this!  This is the end result! Someone had a question about repainting and what would I do, it is a raised surface so you would have to sand it down a bit before repainting. I am always doing all kinds of techniques around the house this one was quite simple which is what I wanted in this room. I needed it to be calm and  serene, a place to relax.

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
Here you can see the new floors and the plain walls before the furniture came back in. When we moved into our house the living room and dining room had hardwood floors and we always felt like the front room (office) and master bedroom connected to it should have been hardwoods; unfortunately that was already decided  before we bought the house. With our anniversary coming up we wanted to do something for us. Every house we ever bought we decorated the living areas first, then the kids bedrooms and our room never seemed to make it on the to do list!) It’s going to be our 25th anniversary (yes I was a child bride lol!) and since we have special needs kids we can’t exactly go on a trip or anything; so we have decided to do a room makeover. We got new floors, I painted the walls, got a new bed and chairs for the room!  The floors alone alone make it look so much bigger!

Mixed media on Walls Rita Barakat
Here is the wall with the bed, my little nightstand will actually go in between the chairs as it is too short for the high bed!  I had to get a new bedspread to match the new walls and bed! I  found this one at Target- since the walls look more blue than grey in person I bought this one that has light blue, tan and grey in it! I got lucky! I am going to make a sign for over the bed, it will say “I have found the one my soul loves ” from Song of Solomon 3:4.  Not sure what it will look like but it will be a mixed media piece!  You can use your mixed media supplies on other surfaces…even your walls! You have to think out of the box!

DIY nightstand makeover!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Hey creatives DIY nightstand makeover today!!  Super excited to share this second project from the Prime Publishing event I shared in my last post! When you see the finished project (above) it’s hard to imagine how it started but with a little help from some very cool products I was able to make a huge makeover check it out below…

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Here is the view from the top of the nightstand, you can see all the cracks and holes not to mention it’s pink which doesn’t go with anything in my house!  I  filled some holes, did LOTS of sanding and I used a swiffer to pick up all the dust! I was ready to do some serious DIY painting!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
Here is what the nightstand looked like before – most of it was in pretty good shape it just needed a little TLC. One of the legs was stripped so I used a little glue (Beacons quick grip)  to keep it in place. Once it was cleaned up, sanded , filled and glued I started to paint.

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I did not use a primer, I did use Plaid chalk paint and it covered beautifully! No primer needed!
(I hate the way  most primers smell!)

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I did the edging with Testors enamel paint – they look great together!

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
The accent was my favorite part, I used a stencil for DCWV with a little repositionable glue and Deoc Art foil I got this  brilliant decorative shine (did I mention I love a little sparkle?).

Rita Barakat DIY nightstand makeover!
I like this look much better! And it goes perfectly with my room makeover (I will post those pictures on Friday!)
You will find this project on the Fave Crafts site here.
Stay tuned I have another post coming ASAP with my third and final project for Prime Media!
Please go vote for this or one of the other two previous projects I posted for this contest!

Who wants to create a fairy on wood?

Hello friends, I am super excited to share today’s fairy on wood surface project! I did a sneak peek on my social media channels yesterday and this is the completed project for my newsletter going out later today! If you haven’t signed up make sure you do and quick! Just click on the box on the right and sign up!  I was super ecstatic to receive this Basswood Country Round from Walnut Hallow – the wood piece is gorgeous, it comes plain, smooth, perfect for all your creative designs! Of course you knew I had to add a fairy on the wood!

After drawing my fairy on wood I painted with fluid acrylics by Deco Arts and I used Gelatos for skin tone shading and depth. I used pearl medium mixed with fluid acrylics for that shimmering effect. And those  tiny swirls? Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pen! Gorgeous colors right?

This fairy on wood  also has beautiful  shimmer on her lips by adding the Sakura pen over the top of fluid acrylic! Fun right? It’z not just metallic it actually sparkles! Even more so in person!

If you want to watch this project in progress and learn how to create a fairy on wood yourself make sure you sign up for my newsletter, I will be sending it out with the video link later today!  I will also be on Periscope later today as well, I hope you will join me! Have a great weekend!

Art Journal Monday

1-Sept 2015 055-001
Hello Creatives! Monday morning and it’s a good time for COLOR! Here is a page out of my art journal- who wouldn’t love this flowing hair color?!? SO fun! I used lots of DecoArt paints and I have a tutorial here called Live in Color, mixed media art journal page.

2-Sept 2015 027-001
Here is a close up of the color and texture! LOVE these colors!
So who will join me today on Periscope? 3PM EST I don’t know what it will be but
I am sure there will be mixed media stuff! Happy Monday peeps!

Question of the day – do you art journal?


CHA DIA display by Rita Barakat 2016

Hey there crafty peeps! Whew so I am finally back from CHA! I hope you were able to see my periscopes while I was there – not as many as I would like because of the sketchy wifi in the convention center but I got a few in and a couple of videos. So here is a clean video (the periscopes that did work were very grainy thanks to the wifi) of my Designer Display, if you were there I hope you were able to see it in action but if not you can look at it now. The display got a great response and I was soooo happy that it worked like I thought it would. (You never know with these things!) Thank you for all my sweet peeps that wished me well! XOXO I would also like to thank Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DecoArts, Deflecto, DCWV and Beacon- all these companies provided wonderful products that went into my display and I am so honored to work with them! (Now if I could get a canvas and/or watercolor paper company to work with! )

Here are some pictures of me building my display -not the best pictures but you get the idea. 5-IMG_6945

I was so happy to see all my creative peeps and truly missed some that weren’t there. Next year it’s in AZ, should be interesting since I’ve only driven through there a couple of times.

If you were there I hope you got one of this years button, this is the third year I have done these buttons and I am super excited people actually came to find me to get one! On the left is this years apron – you know I cannot walk around wearing a plain apron! (Did you know that you can use PITT pens on fabric?) I spent a LOT of time working in the booth but I did get a little time to walk the floor – I will post those pictures this week so stay tuned!

I am so happy to share these pictures from the Texture Techniques class I taught at CHA…
04-IMG_6959 11-IMG_6966 16-IMG_6977 17-IMG_6979

You know I had to represent my Texas peeps by wearing my cowboy boots ya’ll! LOL
We had so much fun, everyone did a fantastic job!

Now that I am back and holidays and CHA are over it is back to business as usual – or the new usual, I will be kicking off a new DIY periscope series, adding more videos to my youtube channel and revamping my mixed media class newsletter. So if you aren’t following me please look me up.
As always the latest news will be on my FB page.


So the question of the day is what day and what time of day are you most likely to stop and watch a live video (periscope)? ((Please include your timezone!))

Happy crafting peeps!

Handmade for the holidays!

Hey everybody! So excited to share with you not one but three mini art journals (5×8) I made for the
Handmade for the holidays blog hop! Not only am I giving you an idea for handmade gift I made a hyperspeed video for you!
This mini art journals are full of blank papers for the artist in all of us, add some color pencils,
markers or paints and it will be a fantastic gift for the holidays!


I used a ton of Deco Art Media Fluid Acrylics and Tinting Base in the video! Don’t forget to put a layer of Gesso down first! Hey and if you can’t draw, no worries – trace a picture, glue down a coloring page, the fact that you made it your self will truly make someones day!

Here are some close ups!
5-IMG_0301 4-IMG_0300
Remember you can make this however you want, it can be a reflection of you or the person you are giving it to! Have fun with it!
This is the backs of the art journals. Here are more fabulous  ideas to make you gifts holiday handmade!

 Click on the frog to see links for all the participants and more chance to win!

The giveaway of over $600 in craft supplies to help you make this holiday handmade.
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Happy Hopping!
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Rita Barakat
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Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and freelances for a variety of manufacturers

Leap of faith

Happy Saturday peeps!   Here’s a little project I did with Rangers clock and Deco art Paints and a little DCWV paper. I love this little project and if you do too I have a tutorial here –  Leap of faith. I love this project because it kinda represents me- I am always looking forward and knowing the the future is a leap of faith – you can’t go back and even if you did  things have changed there too and it wouldn’t be how you remember it anyways.

All the different papers represent the different times and places you have to go through to get to where you want to be. It’s also a little play on Alice in Wonderland because life can be crazy sometimes! There are keyholes- you know, doors that just don’t have the key to just yet!
And the center hole is black bling – not because it’s dark, but it is unknown and I know  there is something really good there(hence the bling). (I am really loving checker patterns and black and whites right now.)

I hope you are taking some leaps of faith!


Rita Barakat
April 2014 132100 siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and freelances for a variety of manufacturers


A house is not a home (and giveaway alert)

2-Pic 16
Hello creatives!!! I have this song stuck in my head “A house is not a home” (old school – Luther Vandross)
One of the repeating lines is “a house is not a home when there’s no one there to hold  you tight and no one there you can kiss goodnight.” And since I wanted to share this little fairy house (and tree) I made I found it appropriate.
One of the things that’s nice about being an adult is you can control some of what goes on. And one of the things hubby and I decided early on is our house home would be a place of peace. Not that there isn’t a little  chaos now and then (we do have five kids!) but that it would be a safe place. Where you love unconditionally, where drama is not allowed (unless we are watching a show), where there is peace.

4-Pic 18
We laugh together, we have fun and crazy times and can enjoy each others company. We remind our kids that you may not always have your friends that you have now but your family is always your family. We have had other friends and youth welcomed into our family – our extended family that we love, they come and visit, some have stayed with us and that is a huge blessing. People are important. All this to say if your house is not a home –  you can still make it that way. We made a choice We make a choice, everyday to make this a place that is welcoming, safe, peaceful and where you are loved.

3-Pic 17
So now that I shared a little bit of my heart with you today, how about this house? My little fairy house as actually a challenge. I received a mystery box full of items I had to use for a contest and this is what I did with mine.

1-Pic 15
Of course as soon as I saw the miniature house I knew I would make it into a fairy house!
Adding texture and details was just a different way to use mixed media products!

5-Pic 19

I think there were 9 of of asked to do this  little contest. You can go  here  to go vote (for mine I hope!) and if you want the full tutorial go here and click on my Fairy House picture it will take you there!
770054_1 770055_1
I am giving away product!!!! 6 sets of these Stampers Big Brush Pens!!!!
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Hoping you house is a home,

Rita Barakat
April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and freelances for a variety of manufacturers