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Good Morning Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and today I am sharing with you a recent art journal piece I made using Rita’s “DIVA” stencil for Brutus Monroe. 

I LOVE this stencil! She just looks so happy and joyful, so I wanted to make her look like she was the kind of person who just REALLY enjoys life.

Art Journal

Products Used:

“Diva” Stencil

Mechanical Pencil

Black Fine Tip Sharpie

PrismaColor Color Pencils

Tim Holtz “Small Talk” Stickers


I wanted her hair to reflect her joyful nature….bright, funky and fun. I used a medium turquoise, a lime green and a bright yellow, that I blended together with a PrismaColor Blender pencil.

Art Journal

Food for Thought

Art Journal










Along with her joyful looks, I wanted her to say something…maybe put a little challenge out into the universe:




I think they are all connected in a way….especially if you read them from the bottom to the top.

If you do what you LOVE…you will always want to do your best.

If you are doing your BEST…you will thrive in your life instead of just existing.

And it all comes back around…if you are MORE than EXISTING…you will LOVE life more and the cycle continues.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and you are CHALLENGED to THRIVE in your life and not just exist.

Until next time,



Rita’s “DIVA” stencil for Brutus Monroe. 

Bible Journaling with stencils!

Good Morning Creatives!
Keri Sallee here and I am BEYOND happy to be sharing my first design team post for Rita. She is not only an amazing artist but also a great friend and fantastic person. I am so honored to be on her team and help her reach her dreams!!

Today I am sharing a recent bible journaling page I made using Rita’s 6×6 “Sweet Sisters Heart” Stencil. I followed the exact directions on the back (1) Trace (2) Connect the lines (3) Color and Add Details! It’s really that easy!

I started by prepping my Bible page with some clear gesso. I find this serves 3 purposes (1) Strengths my page from getting fragile when I add water (2) minimizes bleed through of my colored products and (3) allows my mediums to move more freely over my page.

My colors of choice for this page are Derwent Inktense Blocks. They are GREAT for mixed media bible journaling because they are solids that are activated with water and once dry, they are permanent. This means you can add lots of layers and not worry about messing with you colors!

I finished up my girl with a black fine point sharpie.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. I’ll see you next time!!


6×6 “Sweet Sisters Heart” Stencil

We would love to see what you are using in your Bible Journaling pages! Leave us a link!

You can make art!

IMG_0135 Today I have a quick video for ya! A little work in progress! Have you every had a quote or scripture jump out at you and you wanted to remember it?  An easy way to do that is paint it! As soon as I read this, I knew this was the picture I wanted to paint. Now I know what you’re thinking, what if I can’t draw? or what if I hate my handwriting? No excuses! You can make art! Here are three alternatives to what I have done below.

I used various  watercolor mediums, the “crayons” are actually Neocolors in Chestnut and Flesh. The heart was painted with a Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Stick in Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I am painting on mixed- media paper from Strathmore.
But you can use whatever medium you have.  I drew my picture but you could find a stamp or stencil that would work. Or even find a a picture in a magazine and collage it!

Don’t like your handwriting? I used an app – Adobe Spark app on my iphone for the lettering! Another idea would be to use alphas and stick them on or type it up on your computer, print it and paste it into place! You can do this!

I hope this inspires you to do your own painting! I promise you can make art!

In other news I want to make sure you are watching me on Facebook Monday nights!  If you haven’t I am doing Mixed Media Mondays is where I do some type of tutorial, project, tip around Mixed-Media. The exciting part is that I have some fun sponsors lined up to give away prizes! The very first giveaway is from Activa! Check out their website  and meet me of FB Monday nights!

Art journal page and thoughts for today, love heals…

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
Love heals…How do you know when God is talking to you? He has never come to me  in a burning  bush or audibly. For me it is the simple nudging of the Holy Spirit – or sometimes when I am tuning in to broadcasts over different media or devotional time and all of them have the similar messages that come to the same point, for me  it’s an “aha ” moment”- God is trying to tell me something. And this is a good thing because I am not always quick to listen!  I have to remember to tune in because life is hard and you can quickly find yourself feeling alone in your struggles, but we are not alone. God loves us and His love heals what hurt divides.
Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
Lately I feel like He has been talking to me about how I am using my talents, being who God made me to be and not allowing condemnation to enter in. It would be easy to quit and concentrate on my problems. You are thinking What you have problems?”
yes,  I know I am the happy upbeat girl always ready to greet you with a smile and yes, I have problems, we all have problems. I can admit I am not always able to keep it together. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know that my mother with Alzheimer’s & dementia . I won’t get into that now, (that could take up a few posts by itself) but I am taking care of her needs in spite of my upbringing. Not to say poor me, but because it’s the right thing to do.  It would be easier to say it’s not my problem, but that is not who I am. In spite of who she was, she is a human being and I would want someone to make sure my needs were being met and not being taken advantage of  if I was incapacitated. It wasn’t easy at first but for the moments of lucidity, I have been able to see another side of her I would never had seen had I not stepped in and started taking care of her needs.
Love heals…
Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
I am a mother of three children with special needs (5 total) and let me tell you this year has been a roller coaster of emotions between medical and behavioral needs. I am blessed to be able to work from home because I can control my hours and my schedule is flexible; it has to be, things happen quickly – if I were at a job elsewhere it would cause me to leave all the time for emergencies or to not go in at all, I would be let go for sure.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
But God. I love those words. But God is so amazing that He would give me a talent that I can use  from home, create an income and love what I do. I love to create, scrapbooking helped me to focus on the things that were going right with each child, art  helps me relax and not stress. I would be a basket case if I just concentrated on the things that are wrong or could go wrong.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals

He is faithful. I don’t believe or care for that saying “He never gives you more than you can handle”. That’s not true- He does give you more than you can handle because  He can handle it. I don’t know how people can do it without Him, I can’t. He always gives  me what I need to endure whatever is going on. In all of this I am also the worship leader at our church and I can’t tell you how many times the enemy has whispered, “you lost it today with the kids – you shouldn’t be worshiping, much less leading anything.”  Or  “see you are too busy that’s why your kid is falling apart.” Lies. My kid is falling apart because of the drugs his bio mother took while she was pregnant and he is in the best possible scenario to grow up healthy (also another  post for another day). Love heals. Considering all their challenges and background my kids are doing remarkably well.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
The word tells me in Romans 8:1, There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Jesus doesn’t condemn us, the Holy Spirit does not condemn us, God does not condemn us, He sees us as His children. He loves us and corrects us but does not condemn us. When our children do something wrong we must correct them, but we don’t stop loving them. Love heals and keeps us together.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
They may disappoint, frustrate and make us angry but it doesn’t change our love for them. We can still take joy in them today even if they made us angry or let us down today. Love heals…Romans 8:38 says “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” And so it is with God’s love – you can’t disappoint Him enough for Him not to love you, use you or disown you. His love covers all… And you will mess up – we all do (Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;) but nowhere in the bible does it say quit or give up – it says persevere! Pick up sword! Lift up your heads! Ok that’s a lesson for another day…

The point is if you are feeling condemnation it is not from God and you don’t have to receive it. And believe me – I have to remind myself all the time because the enemy does not want you to succeed. He want’s to tear you down – don’t let Him. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! (paraphrased – Phil 4:13) He loves you and His love heals all things that can make you feel separated from Him.

Just a little encouragement for today my friends, no matter where you are or what you are doing God has this covered. Just sayin’.

Join me on Periscope today at 3 pm EST for bible journaling, by the way have I told you, you look awesome today! See you on Persicope! (And if you don’t have the app you can watch on your computer for up to 24 hours after the broadcast )

(For a tutorial on this page visit the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog


Journaling Bible, Psalm 149

Rita Barakat Journaling Bible Psalm149
Hello friends, here is the page from journaling Bible, Psalm 149 I started on Friday’s scope. I am happy with the way it turned out! I am also happy to report that although I used fluid acrylics and Gelatos with no primer (i.e. Gesso or gel medium) the pages stayed pretty nice – not much wrinkling of the pages at all. I am still not sure that I will always paint on my journaling Bible pages without gesso first. I like the way it looks on the pages and the areas where I used black didn’t bleed but you can see it on the backs of the pages. It isn’t an issue now, but it might be as I continue to finish the pages of my journaling Bible, especially pages that are back to back.

I had a few people ask  which Bible I am using, I bought the ESV single column journaling Bible specifically for art journaling. (I love my study Bible and I knew I didn’t want to paint in that Bible.I do have a friend that saved a Bible for a thrift store and that’s another way to go.) Before buying a journaling Bible I would definitely recommend going to a bookstore and looking at the various types in person; there are so many different types of pages and sizes of lettering. I waded through pages of journaling Bibles online; I thought I had made a decision but when I saw them in person I ended up with one that is totally different than I thought I would like. Some had very traditional thin paper, I prefer my paper to be a little thicker as I knew I would use paint. The newer Bibles tend to have slightly yellow pages which is supposed to be easier on the eyes, I didn’t care for it at first, I like to start my artwork with a pure white background but it is very subtle and I don’t even notice it now. Some of the Bibles have whole blank pages next to pages full of scriptures but when I saw how big and heavy those Bibles were I knew that wasn’t for me. It all comes down to personal preference, same for gesso or no gesso on the pages. Whatever you are most comfortable with. I will add here though, if you live in humid areas like I do you may not want to use Gel medium  as the pages will stick together eventually and ruin your art work.

Another thought too, is if you can’t wrap your head around coloring in your Bible get an art journal book (there are many types) and use your scriptures with artwork in there. The bottom line is getting into the scriptures and doing something creative! Creating a visual devotion of what you are reading the word. A very natural progression for me as I am constantly doodling anyways. There have been so many times when I had such a visual picture in my head!

So how about you? Are you using a journaling Bible? I would love to see your pages! Why don’t you leave me a link below!

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Bible Art Journaling and more classes

Hey there artsy peeps! Today and tommorrow I have Bible Art journaling periscopes scheduled!
Today  join me on Periscope at 3pm EST or if you don’t have Periscope you can watch my Bible Art Journaling and more online here  ! Also I am super excited to share that I have added more classes to my schedule so please check out my classes page!

Tomorrow (Sat) I am super excited to be a part of a Bible art journaling periscope hop! I am part of an online community  called #passthebrush there are 7 of us sharing a 10-15min scope on Bible Art Journaling. I usually try to keep my scope around 30 minutes so this will be super quick!

Rita Barakat Bible Journaling 101
Here are the hop details:  Saturday, February 27th
11am EST/10am CST/8am PST

Host – @Shiles728, Susan Hiles

@ArtSherpa, Cinnamon Cooney,

@Anneliese66, Anne Williamson

@SuiteCreativity, Constance Wilson

@thecraftycutie, Tatiani Allen

@PoetSpice1, Jami Talula

@Ritabarakat1 (that’s me) and end with

@Cre8tiveCre8tions, Andrea Gomoll

I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun, I hope you will join me!
And if not have a great weekend!