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wedding week wrap up

wedding week
Hey creatives, wedding week continues here and at home as tomorrow is the big day! My baby girl is getting married!
As you are reading this post we are busy decorating the venue and I will be taking pictures to share with you as we do a big wrap up come Monday! There are some seriously fun things I want to share with you! But first I want to share a little bit of my heart… Continue reading

Mixed Media Ballerina on Canvas

Hello Creatives! If you follow me on social media you know I have been working on this mixed media ballerina!  I have been working on her all week and I am super excited to her with you! This work is for my baby girl, I am not sure she is finished yet, there is something more I may want to add but I am not sure yet… Either way there are so many very cool techniques in this project that I just couldn’t wait to share them with you!   Continue reading

Demos and Mermaids – what could be better?

Hey there artsy friends, Rita Barakat here! Oh man I have lots going on these days! Who wants to learn how to make a mermaid tail? I have a quick video on The Crafters Workshop blog on how to get this look! I have been so busy! After I got back from Ohio I had one day off then I did demos at another conference for Michaels.
photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2)
Here I am doing demos for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft,

photo 3 (3) photo 3
was playing with Gelatos and stencils all day – not a bad way to spend the day right?


photo 2 (4) photo 1 (5)
And here are a couple of my projects in the DCWV booth! Baby girl on the left and the burlap wreath on the right. Busy times, lots going on! Not to mention the kids being out of school! Is it time for back to school yet? This girl needs a break! Hope you are well!

P.S. thank you for those who were praying for my friends daughter, she came through her surgery well and they expect a full recovery! God is good!



April 2014 132100siggyb

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop and freelances for a variety of manufacturers.


Honey Chic – baby girl banner

Feb 2014 038100  
Hey there bloggers!!!  A new addition is coming to the Barakat household. Our oldest son will soon be a father and we are awaiting the newest baby Barakat, Kayla! I made this sweet little banner for the shower- don’t know where we will use it yet but I am sure we will think of something! I used DCWV’s stack Honey Chic. This stack has sweet colors and patterns perfect for baby! (I am not really into pastels and luckily neither is the mommy to be!) I used the cork stack for a nice contrast.
Feb 2014 042100
I have mixed feelings about being a grandma – I certainly do not feel old enough to be a “grandma”, well at least to be called “grandma”  but I guess nobody does when it happens.  I am looking forward to this little one. We have had fun shopping for tiny baby things and we will have a shower in a couple of weeks – hopefully the baby wont come first! Ha! Then it might be a “birthday” party instead! Our baby girl is super excited to be called “auntie” at the ripe old age of 8! Her baby dolls and stuffed animals have “tested”  Kayla’s bed, car seat etc! She also helps with the shopping- on for Kayla, one for baby girl! She is loving it!

So I am curious, if you are a grandma do they call you grandma or do you have another nick name? Or what do you call your grandma? I have a bit before she calls me anything and I need to weigh all my options! LOL Feb 2014 040100

Have you signed up for my newsletter? I will be sending out the first class link on the 1st!!! Sat!!!woo hoo! So please share! I am super excited!  (You can sign up on the right column of my blog!) I can’t wait to share it with you!




Mixed Media techniques

Hey bloggers today I am sharing a tutorial on the Artistcellar blog!
It’s Mixed Media Friday!!!!
I am sharing some mixed media techniques in my art journal so I hope
you will go check it out!
Here’s another peek!

I hope you are creating something Magical these days! 
The weather here is warming up so I am hoping to get the kids 
out and about this weekend and take some pictures! 
Baby girl just got glasses…
And I think that calls for a photo shoot!
(Can you tell she is excited? Taken with my phone.)
Have a great weekend!

30 days of Thankfulness, Days 1-7

Dont do it – dont look for Day 1-4 on my blog. This is the first post this year!
And yes I know it’s only the 5th but I am doing days 1-7 of things I am thankful for!
I love November, I love fall and the change in the weather. I love November
because all of adopted kids came home in November (different years but same month) and completed our family. I love November because we take time to reflect and enjoy our family and friends.
I love November because it reminds me to stop and appreciate all that I have been blessed with.
So I will probably do these in installments as I dont have time to blog every day.
Usually I just list them on my sidebar but I felt ambitious today.
(Maybe I can make these into a mini album!)

day 1. God/Jesus/Spirit- honestly I would be a basket case if I didn’t have
God in my life. I can’t tell you how many times He has helped my with His word,
answering prayers and saving our kids. I have witnessed first hand the miracles (see below) of God.

day 2. My husband – this picture is so typical of who my husband is. This was taken on the football field. Unlike other dads he works weekends (grocery/retail) he goes in early- leaves work to attend the games, goes back to work afterwards and stays late to make up the time. He does this when the kids have games, recitals, performances, important meetings with doctors/school- whatever the function, he is there. He is a great dad and puts family first. Not only is he supportive and loving to the kids he is incredibly supportive of every crazy idea I have! LOL! I get an idea and he finds a way to make it happen and encourages me to do it! He loves God and loves us – we are very blessed to have him.

day 3 – 7. My kids  (All are equal blessings) I have learned so much from my kids. I could write a book on each and still not cover a fraction of the life lessons they have taught me and others. When I say they are miracles, I truly mean it.

Baby Girl – miracle #5
We  thought we were done having kids when we were told about baby girl – sibling to our night owl, how could we say no? Even before we saw her beautiful face we wanted her. First stop was the pediatrician once we got her home. She was very sickly, had been on several antibiotics before she could even travel to come home with us.  The doc asked my oldest to take her out of the room after examining her. She said, “Rita, do you know what your are getting into?”, I knew but I wanted to hear her say it (confirmation I guess).  She proceeded to tell me her diagnosis and what it entails and how she didn’t think this was a good idea because we have other kids to consider. (In order to protect my kids I will not reveal their diagnosis’). I reminded her that she is already here, a part of our family, we would never consider giving her back and we will do whatever it takes to get her healthy.

~Fast forward, one year well baby check up, baby girl was doing great. She asked my oldest to take her out into the waiting room again after examining her and I am thinking “now what?” She said she was going to be very honest with me and proceeded to tell me how she could not believe how well baby girl was doing and she that she truly believed that baby girl was not going to make it. That she was waiting for us to call knowing that she would be on her deathbed and she was worried about how devastating that would have been for our family- especially our kids who have already been through so  much. I am very grateful that she did not tell me how she truly felt that first visit. She also said we made a believer out of her that love and caring can make all the difference in a childs life. I told her that God saved her life – there were many people praying for this child and she is a walking miracle.

Baby girl has got to be the happiest kid I know – she reminds me of the princess character in the movie “Enchanted”. She is always singing, she lights up the room and makes everything fun and joyful! She makes me stop and appreciate “the moment”. She never misses the beauty in anything, is so complimentary and means every word. Love and joy simply spill out of this little girl.

 Miracle #4 Night Owl-
We got all our babies at 4 months and we nicknamed this little guy night owl because he didn’t sleep at night. Literally! During the day he would fall asleep all over the place – on the the stairs, playing with toys, with a mouth full of food but he would never stay asleep. One time he was on his tricycle and he started falling asleep a neighbor and I both went running as he slowly slumped over the trike! He and I were exhausted!! He once went for days without sleep and they finally had to medicate him.

I can’t tell you how a lack asleep affects you – I was tired, cloudy and grumpy, he was not very functional like other kids. He was tired, slow, sensitive, quiet, reserved, nervous, serious, anxious and scared. He was also very sweet and cuddly. We have never been a big advocate for meds – especially with kids but this was affecting his growth. Those meds changed his life – he grew, he is helpful, independent, happy, he is SO SMART, his personality developed- he is quite a charmer and funny too!   He can be goofy, clowning around and yet he still has his serious side- he has what you call an “old soul”.

And yet I would not trade those cuddle days with him for anything. He s-l-o-w-e-d me down and I was blessed to just be mom and hold him and cherish  him. A reminder for all of us moms- they grow up so fast! Don’t miss those quiet moments. He is doing well now, he sleeps without meds ~ praise God! 

 Miracle #3 Boo.
I have written about the miracle that our 2nd son Boo before on this blog.
He is a walking medical mystifying miracle himself! In his first 6 years of life he was diagnosed with failure to thrive, abnormal PKU, total hearing loss, partial hearing loss, fluctuating hearing loss, Autism, Pervasive Developmental disorder,Tardive Dyskiniesia, the list goes on and on. The told us he would never speak, never be a regular classroom he would not show emotions or  be capable of having feelings or compassion for others. He has seen experts in their fields and at the time of each diagnosis – they were correct, then we would pray, get him the very best help we could and he would change.

I am amazed by his spirit, his perseverance; he has had to work very hard at things that come to other people naturally. He has grown and none of those diagnosis’ fit him anymore. Doctors have been amazed by him –  a walking miracle. I had one doc tell me that had he not seen him before and after he would not have believed it was the same child! He said it must be from really good parenting – believe me the things we have faced with this child, the very best parents in the world could not fix! This is God, firsthand and anybody who has watched him grows up knows it!

This child has strengthened my faith time and time again. Every time another doctor came with another serious diagnosis I heard it, but then had to turn to God. When a doc tells you “there is nothing more I can do for this child” and he is considered the best in his field believe me all you can do is pray.

He attends a regular school, he does have resource but is also in the regular classroom. He speaks, he hears, he learns, he not only acknowledges others but he loves BIG. He a a BIG heart and is big bear hugger! He will squeeze you tight! He is strong! He is a prayer warrior- he prays for everyone, he hears the need, has compassion and trusts that God will provide the answer.
I don’t know what God has planned for this little guy but I bet it’s BIG.

Miracle #2 Oldest son,
I think there is something about the 2nd child in the birthing order, man this child has put us through so much! As a baby he was allergic to EVERYTHING. Between allergies and asthma we were in the hospital the staff knew him by name! I remember the first Christmas when we brought a Christmas tree in the house and he ended up having a small seizure because he was allergic to it! Scared us so bad we would take turns sleeping just to watch him!
As he got older he tested EVERYTHING – every boundary, every rule if we said it was black he would argue that it was our perception! (Did I mention he is smart? And he had some valid points! )We thought this kid will be a great lawyer! But his determination to do everything for himself and try/test everything got him into some pretty precarious situations!
Through him we learned that every child is totally different; that everyone responds differently.  He taught us to be better parents, to be aware of everything, to question authority (when appropriate) and to see through somebody elses eyes. Through him we learned that no matter what we do as parents each child has their own will and you can influence them but you can’t change them – and honestly who would want to?
 Each person is amazing in their own way!

Miracle #1 Firstborn.
Ahhh the firstborn – she was so easy when she was little!
(Of course that is after she was born- when she was in the womb she kept trying to come out and when it was time she got stuck and I had an emergency c section because her heart was slowing down too much!) She was smart, old for her age, wise beyond her years. Sweet and so fun to be around.
As each of the children came onto our lives she loved them and helped with them as if she
wasn’t a child herself! I know one day she will be a fantastic mother, she is so amazing with kids!
She knows how to discipline them and have fun too…

 all kids love her! She is so open and honest with whats going on in her life, her feelings, her situations. That’s just the way she is. We have long conversations about life and love. (I would love it more if she didn’t start these conversations about 10 pm but hey she wont be living at home forever  and I know I have to cherish thee moments while I can!) 

We have been through so much with our kids and our firstborn is no different. If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that the past two years she has had some struggles
with her health as well. We still don’t know the cause but some of her symptoms are low white blood cell counts, she tires easily, she has dizzy spells and tremors. Sometimes she has what the docs call “episodes” – looks kinda like seizures but also like severe ticks- but there is no seizure activity in her brain scans. Through it all she gets discouraged, she is frustrated by the specialists and all the tests that basically tell us what it’s not. We don’t know what causes this or what it is.

Through it all she goes to college full time (there have been times when she didn’t think she could- too exhausted) her grades are excellent has made the honor roll and she works about 30 hours a week. We have told her she does not need to work – but she is determined to live a normal life. Unless you are with her 24-7 you would not even know there is anything wrong. She has an internal happiness about her – she is so easy to be around, she is the one all her friends turn to and by her demeanor you would think all is good. I love that, she is amazing and I feel blessed to have her in my life.

If you read all of this

you caught a glimpse into my life.
Sometimes I wonder if anybody reads these long posts- if you did
I hope you were blessed and will give thanks for the blessings in your life.
to be continued…


A new artist…

One of the things I love about kids is that they are so
 open and honest about whats on their hearts.
Baby girl is always making these
 beautiful peices of art and they always
 have a message of love for the recipient.
( Usually a family member. ) I love that! 
She has become  quite the budding atist so I decided
her art needed to be framed.
( I did have her sign it after I took the picture!)
Thank you so much for your continued
prayers for my son.
(post below)
I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Too Cute! A LO and scrapbook room pictures!

It is so exciting when you get new product and this new line,
the BFF collection from Ta Da Creative Studios just made my day!
The colors are so fresh and different – I love it!
And it so happens that it matches my baby girls personality perfectly!
(I did add Stickles – a girl can’t have too much bling!)
There is not a day that baby girl is not arranging all her little friends,
she loves pretending, playing and dressing up. (Glasses borrowed form big sis!)
And of course she also does NOT mind posing for the camera!
I am lucky to have such a willing model!
Update on scrapbooking – I would love to say that  I have been crafting away, but my room is too chaotic and I can’t find anything right now! I am working on it! I will say however that I am totally blessed – hubby has been helping my solve some of my storage issues…
 A little helper
I have to say hubby is not usually the handyman type but I think he did a fabulous job!
Now I have to finish unpacking – filling my new cabinets and then adding some paint –
haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do but I promise it will be creative!
 Also a little shout out to the ladies in my class on Sat! Thanks for being so fabulous!
And last but not least today I am honored to be a featured guest designer for
Sketches: Creatively Yours
It was my very first design time and  I still love Ali who is the sweetest!
 If you need a sketch you should check it out and
 if you have never been a DT before this is a great place to start so follow their blog!

cherished moment and a giveaway…

Ahhh baby girl and a little Bo Bunny – perfect match!I love this picture because this is a very typical look I get from baby girl – she is so cute and knows how to work it! This is in my scrapbook room, of course she always wants my attention and is always happy to oblige me when it comes to taking a picture!
A little paper rose I made – these are so simple to make!
The border is a Martha Stewart punch. The pearls are Kaiser Craft.

Don’t you just love those cute owls and birds?

 Another look – all paper is Bo Bunny, flourish is Zva Creative!
So how about a giveaway???

Would you like a chance to win one of Ta Da Creative Studios BRAND NEW patterned paper collections??? click here to see them.

All you have to do is this: Leave a comment HERE telling them what your favorite new Ta Da collection is, and then go shout it out on your own blog, Facebook page, or message board that you frequent. Be sure to leave the following address so others can take a peek! Easy!

Good luck!!!