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You can make art!

IMG_0135 Today I have a quick video for ya! A little work in progress! Have you every had a quote or scripture jump out at you and you wanted to remember it?  An easy way to do that is paint it! As soon as I read this, I knew this was the picture I wanted to paint. Now I know what you’re thinking, what if I can’t draw? or what if I hate my handwriting? No excuses! You can make art! Here are three alternatives to what I have done below.

I used various  watercolor mediums, the “crayons” are actually Neocolors in Chestnut and Flesh. The heart was painted with a Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Stick in Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I am painting on mixed- media paper from Strathmore.
But you can use whatever medium you have.  I drew my picture but you could find a stamp or stencil that would work. Or even find a a picture in a magazine and collage it!

Don’t like your handwriting? I used an app – Adobe Spark app on my iphone for the lettering! Another idea would be to use alphas and stick them on or type it up on your computer, print it and paste it into place! You can do this!

I hope this inspires you to do your own painting! I promise you can make art!

In other news I want to make sure you are watching me on Facebook Monday nights!  If you haven’t I am doing Mixed Media Mondays is where I do some type of tutorial, project, tip around Mixed-Media. The exciting part is that I have some fun sponsors lined up to give away prizes! The very first giveaway is from Activa! Check out their website  and meet me of FB Monday nights!

What are the best last minute gift ideas?

So what are the best last minute gift ideas? Some of are completely ready for the holidays, but some of you…Ok some of us are so not ready!  Surely by now you are thinking, well forget it or I’ll just buy something…anything so that I have a present. But what if I can offer you another solution? Instead of going shopping why not grab a loved one and spend some time together creating something special (in addition to memories you make! hello!)! Most recently my baby girl(now 11) and I made over these covers for our  journals! You can make any type of journal, recipe book, planner into something special for someone and they would love it. Look complicated, you say? Did I mention baby girl is 11? Her’s (on the left) is a composition book and mine is a travel notebook. You can make over any type of book for that special someone and here’s a video to show you how (recorded live on periscope). An easy and fabulous last minute gift idea!

Now on the other hand if you are done with your Christmas shopping and need a little something for yourself read on friends!

I am so excited to share these  two new foam stamps! These are the first of several foam stamps I designed and are currently available at!!! (Links below)
I don’t even have them yet and as soon as I do I will be making some videos and projects with them!
(More designs coming soon! )
Rita Barakat_ Cowboy Boot
Rita Barakat_ Zen Doodle Cloud

I am also super thrilled to share some new products in my shop! There  If you click on the pic it will take you right to the page! ( The steampunk pillow with the fire hair will be available next week)
There are only a few of each so if you want one you’d better grab it quick!*

I designed this calendar for a sweet friend then I thought maybe somebody else would like one too, so I ordered a few more and they are now available! *Limited quantities! So order quick!

Also if you are local and want one please contact me and I will pull it to avoid shipping charges.

*If they sell out and you really want one I would have to re-order – you would receive it in new year – please email or message me and I will put a special order on the site for it.

I wish these items came out sooner so that they could have been ready for Christmas but it’s not always my timing!
I will get it shipped right away but with weather being unpredictable in some areas there is no guarantee.
Either way I am ecstatic and feel like 2017 is going to be a very exciting year!

What are your best last minute gift ideas? I would love to hear them, please share in the comments!

MiXed Media Week – The recap


Hey Creatives! Last week I started out on a quest to bring you Mixed Media Week: new products, comparisons and how to use those items! I was also trying to compare live streams but that wasn’t always so easy! (Some of you know if you were watching!) But no worries friends, I have collected them and have posted them here in one place!

Mixed media week – the recap

Day 1 – this was a hot mess, there are four videos because FB kept cutting out! But you can go to my FB page  and scroll to Sept 19 Parts 1,2,3

Day 2 –

Day 3-  Specialty Texture Pastes- 

Day 4 –

Day 5 –

Mixed Media Mermaid Mixed Media Mermaid
Hello creatives! For the past few weeks on my Facebook page I have been doing Mixed Media Mondays LIVE! It took three weeks to create this Mixed Media Mermaid! I loved being able to do it live and have others chime in on what to create, what products to use and what colors! Such a fun challenge! If you aren’t watching I am doing it LIVE on Mondays at 8pm CST. With all the summer activities going on I tried to pick a time where I knew I would be home on a regular basis! And Facebook automatically records it so if you miss it (or one of the segments) you can still go watch the replay, Just scroll down to the date you missed! I am listing all the products  used on these videos below this post. It was so fun doing this mermaid! Mixed Media Mermaid 2
So let’s take a look at the finishing touches I made after our time was up! We painted the flowers LIVE then I added them on with a little Zip Dry glue (that stuff is amazing!) I added the second layer of gold paint- Momenta Stencil Paint on the shell using the same technique as on the video. On top of the little flowers are clear drops using Ice Texture Gems from Design Memory Craft. And I added a little sand for effect using Mud Puddles! Mixed Media Mermaid 1
Using the same technique on the tail (but opposite colors) as I did in the video – just a different shape. In the middle I realized I did too big of a section and my second layer of paint dried by the time I got there (so only do a small section at a time). No worries  I quickly revised my plan and added a little sand and some micro beads from Art C – they easily stuck to the tail with another layer of wet paint before finishing the rest of the tail! And of course they are metallic purple beads – what’s not to love?

Rita Barakat Making a splash!
Seems like lately I have been loving making mermaids – maybe because of summer? Who knows I made this mermaid for Therm O Web you can find the instructions on their blog (and leave me some  love!). This one is on a canvas  and I loved using the Deco Foils on the mermaid tail and hair! They make a perfect accent!
Here are the supplies for the video mermaid, I hope to see you on Facebook LIVE Mixed Media Mondays!
Will you create a mermaid??? If you do I want to see her so tag me on social media or leave me a link below!

Face – my stencil available in my shop
Skin color: Peach Gelato Design Memory Craft & Neo- Colors in Chestnut, blush Bubble Gum Gelato,   Flesh PITT Pen on top of pencil lines
eyes & eyebrows: Deco Art Mixed Media Fluids in Yellow Green Light and Americana Neons in Radiant Yellow, Molotow Paint Pens white and green, Black PITT Artist Pens
lips: Bubble Gum Gelato and outlined with Pink Sakura Brush Pen
Heart, Flowers, top and tail: Colour Arte Radiant Gels (paint) in Vavoom Red & Guatemalan Green , Art C Micro Beads, Mud Puddles Sand paste, Ice Texture Gems
Shell: Momenta stencil Paint in Gold (second layer) & Tattered Angels High Impact Mixed Media paint in Platinum (first layer)
Leaves: Molotow Paint Pens green, Sakura Stardust Gelly pens
Water Background: Derwent Inktense blocks
Art Journal: Ranger Dylusions

Learning and staying inspired

RitaBarakat Watercolors (8)-001
Hey creatives! A little eye candy for you today.  I have a tutorial about it on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft site! I’ve in a little MIA, at least on the blog front. I’ve been spending hours on the computer learning Adobe Illustrator – this is no easy task for me and it’s not easy on the eyes staring at the computer day after day. I much more prefer a hands on in person approach like on the art journal page above…

I’ve also been plugging away at my summer classes, trying to get lots of goodies for my peeps! (Oh – you’d better sign up~ links are on my class page,  this is going to be good!) I’ve been writing directions, making samples, organizing schedules… I took a break on Saturday to go the womens’ Business Boutique where women in business or starting a business go to learn from the best, network and be inspired. Amazing women like Christine Cain, Amy Porterfield, Rachel Cruz, Lysa Terkeurst and of course Christy Wright to name a few. I’ll be honest – with everything I have going on right now I seriously contemplated not going I am so glad I did! I learned so much! If  you ever get the chance to go you should totally do it, it was two days I could only go one day, but it was so worth it! They even talked to women who were in the “dream” stage of their business – I wish I would have gone to this conference before I ever got started but better late than never! It definitely made me feel better equipped and inspired for the future.



RitaBarakat Watercolors (1)-001
Have you ever done anything that cost you but you knew it was worth the risk?

Sometimes you have to not only step out but step into your dreams!


How changing color can completely change your art

Princess in Progress white color Rita Barakat
Hello color creatives! Well things are getting crazy around here!  I am creating like crazy, teaching classes and getting ready to head to MI  to demo for a convention! Should be fun times! Meanwhile I have been doing some fun live videos on Periscope – have you been watching? I am trying to figure out an easy way to transfer those videos to Youtube... but I digress…

Here are some pics from yesterday periscope. This one is before I added color to her hair  – notice the feel of the piece. I find it interesting that changing even one color can  change your perspective and the feel of a apiece. I think I will do this again and leave her hair white, I like it.  Here is  a close up of the background…

Yellow and fushia color Rita Barakat
These are the textures before I did a final layer of Gesso to soften the look, notice the different feel when I change the color…

Pink color Princess Rita Barakat art journal
Totally different look with Gesso and pink hair color right? night and day! I loved both outcomes, even though they are so different! The pink and pastel yellow color  background seems to make it more warm, magical, ethereal, fairytale-ish.  The white color against the bold background feels like winter, more modern, easy to imagine in a children’s book. Amazing the power of color!

Pink color Princess Rita Barakat
Here is a close up of her face, isn’t it interesting how color can completely change the feel and look of the same painting? Here she is again on an art journal page…

Yellow color Princess Rita Barakat art Journal
On this page she has a different background and fluorescent yellow hair color. Same girl different feel. And depending on who you are and what you like you will favor a different  girl. I actually drew her here first in my art journal. Most of the time this is where I start, making sketches in my art journal or sketchbook. I don’t always color all of my sketches but as soon as I finished I knew she would be the perfect subject for the commissioned piece, ent on to do that and then came back to paint this one.

Yellow color Princess Rita Barakat
What is very interesting here is that her hair is actually fluorescent – it doesn’t show in the photos but it is amazing bright fluorescent yellow in person and on a video. I really like all three versions. Here you can see again how changing colors makes such a dramatic difference in the feel of a piece. It makes me want to be more proficient in photoshop! LOL   It also makes me think about how we choose color – sometimes it’s good to experiment!

I think you will be seeing this girl again- any name suggestions for these girls? Please leave me a comment!

Mixed media & Paper Crafter Crayons with Rita

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art
Hey there creatives Rita Barakat here! I get so excited about mixed media projects and this one is especially fun because of the way it came about! Grab your Paper Crafter Crayons, Gesso and Gelatos®  and come back!

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art (1)
OK first of all, I was thinking of a project to make and sharpening my Paper Crafter Crayons when I thought, I am wasting the crayons! So I decided to put them on my art journal page…

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art (3)
I had several colors going and decided to melt them with my mini iron.

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art (4)
I know it doesn’t look like much at first, but sometimes that’s how mixed media is – messy and unpredictable. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the process and  keep working it.

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art (5)
I grabbed a Blueberry Gelato® and drew around the outside, at this point I am thinking it can’t hurt right?

Rita Barakat Mixed Media Art (6)
I used a wet paintbrush to spread the color around. The melted Paper Crafter Crayons do make a solid hard surface that resists the Gelatos®.  (These aren’t your kids crayons!) Once I filled in any empty areas I did work the melted areas a bit more until I liked how it looked, it goes back to a solid state super quick! Then I decided to dip a paper cup in gesso and makes some circles- it was a perfect finishing touch!  If you don’t have Paper Crafter Crayons you should give them a try in your next mixed media project and if you do have them you have to try this technique!

Art journal page and thoughts for today, love heals…

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
Love heals…How do you know when God is talking to you? He has never come to me  in a burning  bush or audibly. For me it is the simple nudging of the Holy Spirit – or sometimes when I am tuning in to broadcasts over different media or devotional time and all of them have the similar messages that come to the same point, for me  it’s an “aha ” moment”- God is trying to tell me something. And this is a good thing because I am not always quick to listen!  I have to remember to tune in because life is hard and you can quickly find yourself feeling alone in your struggles, but we are not alone. God loves us and His love heals what hurt divides.
Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
Lately I feel like He has been talking to me about how I am using my talents, being who God made me to be and not allowing condemnation to enter in. It would be easy to quit and concentrate on my problems. You are thinking What you have problems?”
yes,  I know I am the happy upbeat girl always ready to greet you with a smile and yes, I have problems, we all have problems. I can admit I am not always able to keep it together. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know that my mother with Alzheimer’s & dementia . I won’t get into that now, (that could take up a few posts by itself) but I am taking care of her needs in spite of my upbringing. Not to say poor me, but because it’s the right thing to do.  It would be easier to say it’s not my problem, but that is not who I am. In spite of who she was, she is a human being and I would want someone to make sure my needs were being met and not being taken advantage of  if I was incapacitated. It wasn’t easy at first but for the moments of lucidity, I have been able to see another side of her I would never had seen had I not stepped in and started taking care of her needs.
Love heals…
Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
I am a mother of three children with special needs (5 total) and let me tell you this year has been a roller coaster of emotions between medical and behavioral needs. I am blessed to be able to work from home because I can control my hours and my schedule is flexible; it has to be, things happen quickly – if I were at a job elsewhere it would cause me to leave all the time for emergencies or to not go in at all, I would be let go for sure.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
But God. I love those words. But God is so amazing that He would give me a talent that I can use  from home, create an income and love what I do. I love to create, scrapbooking helped me to focus on the things that were going right with each child, art  helps me relax and not stress. I would be a basket case if I just concentrated on the things that are wrong or could go wrong.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals

He is faithful. I don’t believe or care for that saying “He never gives you more than you can handle”. That’s not true- He does give you more than you can handle because  He can handle it. I don’t know how people can do it without Him, I can’t. He always gives  me what I need to endure whatever is going on. In all of this I am also the worship leader at our church and I can’t tell you how many times the enemy has whispered, “you lost it today with the kids – you shouldn’t be worshiping, much less leading anything.”  Or  “see you are too busy that’s why your kid is falling apart.” Lies. My kid is falling apart because of the drugs his bio mother took while she was pregnant and he is in the best possible scenario to grow up healthy (also another  post for another day). Love heals. Considering all their challenges and background my kids are doing remarkably well.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
The word tells me in Romans 8:1, There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Jesus doesn’t condemn us, the Holy Spirit does not condemn us, God does not condemn us, He sees us as His children. He loves us and corrects us but does not condemn us. When our children do something wrong we must correct them, but we don’t stop loving them. Love heals and keeps us together.

Rita Barakat Art Journal Love Heals
They may disappoint, frustrate and make us angry but it doesn’t change our love for them. We can still take joy in them today even if they made us angry or let us down today. Love heals…Romans 8:38 says “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” And so it is with God’s love – you can’t disappoint Him enough for Him not to love you, use you or disown you. His love covers all… And you will mess up – we all do (Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;) but nowhere in the bible does it say quit or give up – it says persevere! Pick up sword! Lift up your heads! Ok that’s a lesson for another day…

The point is if you are feeling condemnation it is not from God and you don’t have to receive it. And believe me – I have to remind myself all the time because the enemy does not want you to succeed. He want’s to tear you down – don’t let Him. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! (paraphrased – Phil 4:13) He loves you and His love heals all things that can make you feel separated from Him.

Just a little encouragement for today my friends, no matter where you are or what you are doing God has this covered. Just sayin’.

Join me on Periscope today at 3 pm EST for bible journaling, by the way have I told you, you look awesome today! See you on Persicope! (And if you don’t have the app you can watch on your computer for up to 24 hours after the broadcast )

(For a tutorial on this page visit the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog