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You can make art!

IMG_0135 Today I have a quick video for ya! A little work in progress! Have you every had a quote or scripture jump out at you and you wanted to remember it?  An easy way to do that is paint it! As soon as I read this, I knew this was the picture I wanted to paint. Now I know what you’re thinking, what if I can’t draw? or what if I hate my handwriting? No excuses! You can make art! Here are three alternatives to what I have done below.

I used various  watercolor mediums, the “crayons” are actually Neocolors in Chestnut and Flesh. The heart was painted with a Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Stick in Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I am painting on mixed- media paper from Strathmore.
But you can use whatever medium you have.  I drew my picture but you could find a stamp or stencil that would work. Or even find a a picture in a magazine and collage it!

Don’t like your handwriting? I used an app – Adobe Spark app on my iphone for the lettering! Another idea would be to use alphas and stick them on or type it up on your computer, print it and paste it into place! You can do this!

I hope this inspires you to do your own painting! I promise you can make art!

In other news I want to make sure you are watching me on Facebook Monday nights!  If you haven’t I am doing Mixed Media Mondays is where I do some type of tutorial, project, tip around Mixed-Media. The exciting part is that I have some fun sponsors lined up to give away prizes! The very first giveaway is from Activa! Check out their website  and meet me of FB Monday nights!

Every year at Rita Barakat LLC

Rita Barakat LLC

Happy New Year Creatives! I am so glad 2017 is here! Every year at Rita Barakat LLC,  do a little inventory on what worked and didn’t work, do you do that? I am doing inventory on 2016 right now, I would love your input on what you would like to see from me in 2017.  Here are some things that I feel went well and will continue or start in 2017 :

Blogging:  After years of blogging, (sometimes daily) I took a break and then I came back at once a week. For now this is working – I post every Thursday unless I am involved in a blog hop or something special.

Rita Barakat LLC

Mixed Media Mondays on FaceBook Live!  Every (well most) Monday night at 8pm CST I do some type of Mixed Media project or technique live on Facebook. If you have never watched sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, that’s what’s so fun about doing it live! Sometimes the audience  throws in suggestions, sometimes they are super quiet!  The same way you post a comment on a FB post you can comment or ask questions while I am doing the live show- I can see it and answer it live. I try to keep it about a half an hour but you can catch it later if you miss it live. ANd even if you watch it later I will still see your comments because it’s FB. It’s a lot of fun, I would love to see you there!

 Rita Barakat  LLC Instagram Rita Barakat LLC Periscope

Instagram  & Periscope are totally fun! I will continue both but in different capacities. Instagram is mostly posting pics, looking at pics and commenting. I post reminders on Instagram when I will be posting on Periscope and Mixed Media Mondays.  Periscope is another live streaming event -only more casual. Periscope is an app for your smart phone that you can download, watch and broadcast live.  You can comment if you are on the app only when it’s live. If you don’t want to download it you can watch it live for 24 hours after it was live from your computer or laptop; but you can’t comment. This year I tried to do it three times a week at 2pm CST, then I tried the mornings but with five kids and a grand baby something always happens. Will I still do it? Yes, but unless the kids happen to be in school I can’t guarantee what time. I will always give a heads up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when I am going to be doing  a Periscope. My periscope topics can be anything related to art, craft, mixed media, bible journaling, art journaling, art/craft/scrapbook shows and sometimes a little worship.

Rita Barakat LLC Top Secret Mixed Media Class
Top Secret Mixed Media Class Once a month I offer a free Mixed Media class – it’s a full class project in real time! Sometimes there are bonuses like a coupon or giveaways. I share where I will be teaching or demoing as well.
I am super excited as this year as I will have a sponsored giveaway each month! The picture is from this months class, I just sent it out yesterday! Are you signed up?
Rita Barakat LLC ETSY
Etsy – I’ve not done much with Etsy although I have been on here for a couple of years. This year I got a little better grasp of it and added more items like stamps, stencils, calendars, pillows and more. I was ecstatic that my artwork was picked up in 2016 to be used for stamps and I am hoping for more products in the near future! I will continue to add products as they become available!

Rita Barakat LLC Pinterest
I haven’t done much with Pinterest this year, I spent more time learning Periscope and FB Live and now that I have it down I am ready to go back to Pinterest! I love Pinterest, but I think I will need a timer as I can easily get distracted by all the really cool pics! Does that happen to you?  I would like to make some boards that relate to my Top Secret Mixed Media Videos, so I can offer you more options related to the topic of the current months class. I think it’s going to be an exciting time!

I need your input – what would you like to see in the next year? What types of topics, classes, techniques, products? How can I help you? Do you review your year?

Next week on Wednesday I will have a post on the Therm O Web site!  If you have never made a vision board you won’t want to miss this post!




Bible journaling and more!

Hey there creatives! This is my project from yesterday’s periscope – if you are not watching you should download the app as I do projects live on Periscope!  On Fridays I am doing Bible journaling so make sure you tune in at 3pm EST.
As promised the products I used on this project :
From Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft – Gesso, Gelatos in Lavender, Guava, Peach, Red Cherry, Chocolate, Metallic Grape, PITT Artist pen in black and red, Glitter Glass Bead Glitter Gel, Whipped Spackle
The stencil is from Prima (I’ve had this one for  a few years so i don’t know that you will be able to find it.)
Here is a close up! I also promised to share the details of my next class it’s a mixed media canvas…

This is the first of many classes I will be teaching at Sparks Studio in Arlington TX.
Mixed Media Mayhem March 16. There are plenty more classes coming, I will put them on my classes page as they become available. There are several classes that have already been approved for different shows in Dallas, Houston and Tulsa, in addition to Sparks Studio I am just waiting for the times and dates.

In the meantime please check out my Periscopes (RitaBarakat1) and my youtube  channel – I will be adding some of my scopes there as well as more videos. I am trying to catch up with everything my top secret mixed media class newsletter will be going out soon too so don’t forget to sign up!

Have a blessed weekend!


Being thankful and family updates


I love November. I love seeing all those posts that people share about being Thankful. We have much to be thankful for. I have made running lists in the past, sometimes daily posts about being thankful for the month of November but this year much of our time is consumed with many doctor visits and it is hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done.  If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that we have adopted three of our five kids and they have special needs. One of them seems to struggle more than the others and yes here we go again with this child, a new trial.  I call it a trial because the bottom line is I know God has this. This child has always overcome and I believe this is no different. The doctors have told us there is something wrong with his liver. Much testing and many doctors are involved – hence all the time spent at the doctors offices.  He has missed a lot of school, there have been weeks when we are at a lab or doctors’ office three out of five days! If his tests on the first week of December don’t look better, they will do a liver biopsy on him. Because my children have special needs and are adopted I never post their names online but God knows who he is so if you choose to say a prayer for my boy I would deeply appreciate it. I am confident that this child will yet again triumph over what was done to him in the womb.


I am sharing today my first bible journaling page – it took me a while to get over the idea of drawing in the bible,  I had to get a new bible specifically for this purpose. I think it’s a good thing, the whole time you spend creating,  you are meditating on that word. Since November is National Adoption Awareness Month  I picked out this scripture for that purpose. I am thankful for my family – it doesn’t matter how it comes together~ adoption, blended families, close friends that are just as much family as blood – family is family and I am blessed to have them in my life.  You should be thankful for family too!