Alice in Wonderland

Steampunk in a box!

Steampunk in a Box!Rita Barakat
Good morning peeps! Steampunk in a box! This  is a new project I have to share with you,  I had so much fun with this project I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I loved taking different ideas, combining it together to make something very cool. I combined two themes I love to paint, steampunk and Alice in Wonderland. Note the eyes on my girl?  It just reminded me of Alice, the pocket watch theme is so prevalent in both themes. It also reminds me the time is fleeting…(but  I digress…)

Steampunk in a Box! Rita Barakat
So I made this box for the Prime Publishing Fave Crafts Best Blogger Crafts Idea book for 2016 and contest that will be published soon! You can see last years free ebook here. (I have a project in that one too.)  One of the really fun things about going to the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Mega show is the Prime Publishing  Blogger party were manufacturers and designers (me) get together and chat about how we can help each other. Then some of them send products for designers to try and  make projects for the idea book & contest! When they post the contest, people vote for their favorites – I will update as soon as they post it so keep checking in! You can vote here! Steampunk in a box is one of three that I submitted for the book! I will be sharing these projects all week!

When I see a  cool project I always want to know what they used to make it (not to mention I got some really cool products to use!) so I will share by each side of the Steampunk in a box! This  side I drew my girl and used Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®  Gelatos® and PITT® Artist Pens for the girls face and clothes. (They were not a part of the Prime Publishing blogger party.) Her Glasses and necklace  were drawn in with a Gold metallic Enamel Paint Pen from Testors. Did you know they made those markers? They write over everything – even slick surfaces! I love that! I used that marker and gold DECO FOIL™ from Thermoweb on the wings to give it that gilded antiqued gold look! The  DECO FOIL™ is SO fun! It comes in every color imaginable! (You know I will be making fairy wings with the rainbow sheets!) All the chipboard pieces were covered this way – the chipboard pieces (SA Crafters LLC) were not a part of the party but  a perfect addition to this project! Pay close attention the background of the box- I was super excited to try this new Tint It spray paint from Design Master – first of all this color is gorgeous! Second it’s translucent so you can layer it to make it more opaque. I sprayed it over the  Permapaque pens from  Sakura and it looks fabulous (even better in person)! It doesn’t hide the natural patterns in the wood, it dried very quickly and still let me see clearly the design I drew with the pens. You probably knew about Sakura as they are the makers of your Gelly Pens but I had no idea they made so much more!  The Permapque pens are permanent so I wasn’t worried about them bleeding or smearing (I wrote on the wood box without sealing it and they did not bleed!). These pens write on any surface (even slick) and come in tons of colors! They come in different tip sizes and don’t bleed through paper (even Bible pages!) Lastly I put all these elements on this unfinished wooden box from Walnut Hallow . (This was not a part of the party but became the perfect venue for this magical Steampunk in a box! I love painting on wood and recently did a fairy on another piece on my previous post.)
Steampunk in a Box! Rita Barakat
You really see the guiding on the wings with this side view of the Steampunk in a box! I purposely did not cover them entirely to make it look aged.
Steampunk in a Box! Rita Barakat
Keeping with the theme here is the top & side view. Later in the week I will give a more detailed look at that steampunk shoe, it has so much detail, it deserves it’s own post!

Steampunk in a Box! Rita Barakat
A last look and close up for today – I used  a lot of different products and techniques a tutorial will appear in the ebook I will give you the link here when it’s published so don’t forget to check back! Remember to vote!  ALso make sure you sign up for my newsletter! I share a full class each month and give you the inside scoop to giveaways and other fun things!


Leap of faith

Happy Saturday peeps!   Here’s a little project I did with Rangers clock and Deco art Paints and a little DCWV paper. I love this little project and if you do too I have a tutorial here –  Leap of faith. I love this project because it kinda represents me- I am always looking forward and knowing the the future is a leap of faith – you can’t go back and even if you did  things have changed there too and it wouldn’t be how you remember it anyways.

All the different papers represent the different times and places you have to go through to get to where you want to be. It’s also a little play on Alice in Wonderland because life can be crazy sometimes! There are keyholes- you know, doors that just don’t have the key to just yet!
And the center hole is black bling – not because it’s dark, but it is unknown and I know  there is something really good there(hence the bling). (I am really loving checker patterns and black and whites right now.)

I hope you are taking some leaps of faith!


Rita Barakat
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Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® and freelances for a variety of manufacturers


A homemade costume with Oly-fun! Alice in Wonderland

Hey there sweet bloggers! I am so excited to share with you my own version of Alice in wonderland- baby girl in a homemade costume I made her! I am using Oly-fun fabric from  It was super fun and easy and baby girl looks great in it!

A way to make a costume easier is to no reinvent the wheel! I decided to have baby girl wear her own t shirt underneath and made a collar for it. I placed the Oly-fun fabric on top of the t shirt and drew half of a collar. I folded it in half  and cut it out.

RitaBarakat102 RitaBarakat103
I sowed the rhinestone bead (Blue Moon Beads) in the middle and spread Glass Bead Glitter Gel on the rest of the collar. I let it dry then added ribbon to tie it around her neck.


The skirt – 2 layers, the first being a skirt held together with elastic that was put in the seam. I knew I wanted to dye the apron so I grabbed this Tulip  Spray Dye Kit. Then the apron…

After cutting out the apron shape I misted it with water.

Scrunched it up and put  a rubber band around it.

Sprayed it all over.

I cut skinny strips out of the green and twisted them up. I used these Clips from Deflecto to hold them in place while I worked.

I twisted some flowers out of the lavender  – arranged them with the clips and sewed them into place.

Here is a close up of the finished apron!

I added a ribbon for her hair and a beaded bracelet(blue moon beads), all she needs now are shoes ( I am not making those! LOL!) Not too shabby for  a homemade costume with Oly-fun! Alice in wonderland- love it!

Oly-fun is available from Hancock Fabric, and though and various other sites.

Their Social Sites

Please leave me a comment and if you want to win  your own Oly-fun fabric, click on this link  :

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Thanks for stopping by! (And PS – if you read my previous post “Game changers” I still don’t have the results.)

April 2014 132100siggyb Rita Barakat Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, DCWV, The Crafters Workshop, Deflecto and freelances for a variety of manufacturers


Alice on an apron

Hey hey crafty peeps!
Vacation is over and I am getting back on schedule!
Catching up on blogging and all those social media things- so much information
it makes my head spin! All I want to do is create! So here goes!
This is an apron from Marion Smith Designs new canvas collection.
I got this apron from Marion at CHA, she wanted an Alice painted on it.
 There is not a lot of down time for me at these shows,
I had 40 minutes before the show started to pull something together!
So gesso first (of course I was in the Faber -Castell Design Memory Craft booth.)
Then a rough drawing and some Gelato.
 More color with Gelatos and a wet paint brush to blend.
 This is pretty close to being finished and I got it done in 38 minutes!
However I didn’t until now that I did not get a  picture of it finished!
( I hate when I do that!)
Well now I have to admit that
I am a bit of a perfectionist. It just didn’t look enough like Alice
to me so I had to make some changes…
 So when I got home I started with the eyes- I wanted them to be a bit rounder,
making her more cartoonish.
 Gesso is a great medium for starting over!- I fixed her eyes, her collar and her bangs!
Added more Gelatos and my own paint brushes. (It’s nice to use your own tools.)
I use PITT pens in the blacks of her eyes.
 Blending with water.
 Yes – I like this much better.
 When you have more than 38 minutes you can do highlights.
(gesso mixed with Gelatos)
Tip – I dip a very sharp pencil in gesso for the light i her eyes and lips.
 As time was now on my side, I was  able to draw some backgrounds;
Like singing flowers.
  Hearts and patterns…
 This is how the Gelato mixed with water looks without priming the canvas apron
with gesso- it seeps into the fabric. I colored the hearts with Gelatos then spread
the color with a wet paintbrush.
 A time piece of course!( A Prima stencil.)
 Flowers, drawing the outlines with PITT Artist pens, then spreading the color quickly
with a very wet paintbrush. I know what you’re thinking, they are filled with india ink,
they are permanent and waterproof how can that work?
Well if you have coated it with gesso and work VERY QUICKLY you can move 
some of the color and still keep those drawn lines visible!
 Once it is dry I go back over and draw the faces with the PITT Artist Pens.
 Here is the finished result! 
I need to go find some red roses, 
or maybe white ones and paint some of them red! LOL!
I think I might add them to the bottom or the sides… 
not really sure but I think it will add
a little character to the piece!
What do you think?
And thank you for your input on the previous post!
I appreciate all your input!
 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

Unforgettable Girl and a giveaway(closed)

I am so lovin’ this Alice in Wonderland stuff! I put this wall hanging together today! Of course I made it for my oldest as she loves AIW! I started with a Vintage Postage kit from Crafty Secrets; that’s where the image and the shaped chipboard came from. The journaling is an email from Melody Ross’ Brave girls, perfect for my daughter. 
I printed the journal on GCD paper. I also stamped  a couple of images from my AIW stamps. I cut and mounted all the images. The flowers ar Prima. 

Here is the whole project!

Now lets talk about give aways… Yesterday I showed you the first thing I am going to give away March 6th and here is the second…I hope you like KaiserCraft!
All you have to do is leave me a comment. Each comment between now and March 5th earns you another chance to win!

For another chance, follow my blog- unless you already do then your comment automatically doubles. 😉

For another chance post it on your blog, or facbook or whatever – leave me a link so I can count it!
Easy Peasy right? Have a wonderful weekend!

Alice in Wonderland

One of the things I like to do when I am stressed or feel like I’m in a slump is do something totally different.  At CHA I met my new friend Vicki Chrisman and she designed this very cool shadowbox diecut for Accucut. She gave me one to see what I could come up with and I personally love a challenge! You can see Vickis fabulous designs at
One of my daughters favorite books had always been Lewis Carrolls “Alice in Wonderland“, you can imagine her excitment when she found out that that Johnny Depp is starring as the Mad Hatter in Disneys remake of Alice in Wonderland! (A very important date is March 5.2010! Don’t be late!)
You can imagine my delight when I saw these stamps at CHA from
Clear Art Stamps!

These are so fun!
I had to have them to create this magical project for my daughter!
In addition to the shadow box made out of cardstock and stamps,I used all GCD Studios paper and embellsihments. The ribbon is Websters, I made the little tags and I have had that little bottle in my stash forever! Perfect for the theme!

( I dumped it as soon as I was done taking pictures-  I used Windex to get the color; definately NOT drinkable!)

I used lots of Glimmer Mists, Stickles and a glaze pen.

The white rabbit and some cards…
Isn’t she great? This was so fun and (bonus) daughter loved it!

As a matter of fact baby girl wanted it in her room but my oldest said “no way!”

SO for my oldest and for you, here’s an early Valentine for you!
Let me know what you think! Have a wonderful weekend!