Seven secrets for a DIY wedding!

5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
Hello Creatives! Rita here with seven secrets for a DIY wedding! Believe me, I know how quickly things can add up to for a wedding – any special event  $$$ can turn into $$$$$! Today I have five DIY secrets to share with you that will look beautiful, classy and save you money!
5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
DIY is not that complicated if you learn what to look for and being a creative you probably already have tons of supplies!  My oldest is getting married Saturday and of course, I have been super busy creating and recreating (DIY) numerous projects for decorations!
For weeks I have had three tables filled with DIY wedding projects in different stages.

5 secrets for a DIY Wedding   5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
Secret one! Shop your stash or your friends’ stash!

Sometimes it’s as simple as a paint job, this frame was given to her from a friend and the style was right but not the color. Simple solution? A thin layer of white paint to make it match better.  Use chalk paint pens to add personal details to little frames (The first photo in this post “Mr” and “Mrs”) and it wipes right off with a little water.

5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
Secret Two – put a flower on it!

Things that are heavily ornamented tend to cost more, especially when it comes to wedding stuff. It only takes a few stitches to hold fabric flowers in place. I added them to the flower girl dress and this inexpensive headband I found! Flowers make things look more elegant for weddings(even DIY Weddings)!  Flowers can be bought with a coupon, these were actually leftover flowers we purchased for the arch. If you really cant sew at all a hot glue gun works really well!

5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
DIY Secret 4 – Clearance and thrift stores are your friends

When you have a lot of time you can really be on the lookout for bargains! Thrift stores, garage sales, and clearance sections can provide great things to redo, repurpose, paint and transform into that perfect decoration to fit your DIY wedding theme. This rusted look is very popular right now, sometimes those pieces can be quite pricey! Using copper, mustard, brown paint is a great way to get the look with this plain silver heart  I found on clearance. You can paint almost any surface with right paint (or a little gesso!)
5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
Secret four – USe what you have!

Foils, glitter, and paint are inexpensive ways to DIY and you probably already have some in your stash! This is a project I started on Mixed  Media Monday. (Another clearance item.) I especially love wood and canvas craft items, they are usually ready to accept paint. As seen on the video I used masking fluid and a “love” stencil, painted it black. When the paint dried I  rubbed off the masking fluid (it dries rubbery). I added Deco Foil liquid adhesive in its place and let it dry. The adhesive dries sticky so you can add foil on top. It has little lights to go in the holes.

5 secrets for a DIY Wedding
Secret 5 – repurpose repurpose repurpose!

Don’t turn away something because of its color – if it’s the right size, shape and price do a makeover! At the end of summer, these yard signs were the perfect size and price! But definitely not the right theme or colors! A quick and easy paint job transformed these signs in a half an hour (video also on mixed media Monday!)

Looking for more wedding decor or need a little hand lettering inspiration? Check out yesterdays post and tomorrow check back for another post here on wedding week!

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