Whats going on? Barakat Family Updates

Magical Theatre

Hello creatives, Rita here! Well, I am taking a few minutes to let you know what I am up to! First, if you are in the Houston area you should come check out my classes at CKC Houston! I am teaching three classes and if they are not full I believe you can still sign up today (last day). These classes completely sold out in Dallas. Second at the end of the week (also coinciding with this show is the release of two brand new items – I can’t show them yet but on Thursday I will have them in person and be able to show you! I will have them at the show in Houston and they will be available online!

Barakat Family Updates

Third – it has been a while since I have posted any Barakat family updates so here goes.

I was super excited about 2017 I knew this would be a great year for my business and it has been! Partnering with companies like Art Foamies and Brutus Monroe has been very exciting! It is so fun to see my art come to life with these fun products! Stepping off design teams completely left me open to not only create new products but put my own creative design team together! Aren’t they doing a fabulous job? I am loving all the fun and different things they are putting together! They do things I would never have thought to do – which is what I love about getting creative minds together! My first Ebook  Magical Theatre was published and it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time! I have loved that others are excited about it too! If you haven’t seen it you must check it out here…

Whats going on? Barakat Family Updates
On a personal front, I don’t know why I am surprised when things happen all at once, do. This has truly been a year of change for us as a family. There is a reason we were blessed with a big house, it has been a year where everyone has come home…literally.

Those of you who have read my blog for years know that my mom has Alzheimer’s. She has been in two different homes and the pattern is the same, in the beginning, the service and the people are good, but because they don’t take care of their people (employees) the good employees get burned out and quit. The good workers are then replaced with people who have no business working with people, much less, seniors who need help. The last place was so bad not only did we pull her out and bring her home, we have reported this particular home.

“How is my mom?”
you ask, she is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s, it is not pretty, simple or easy. It is hard, incredibly complicated and everyday (or few minutes) brings new challenges. She has a very short memory cycle, most of the time she has no idea who we are, where she is or what is happening. She needs help doing daily routines like dressing, grooming, eating. She misinterprets situations, like when the kids are playing sometimes she often thinks someone is getting hurt. When doing laundry I hang the clothes, she takes them off, she unfolds clothes faster than I can fold them… you get where I am going with this? It is way more complicated than that but I will spare you all the details.

On the other hand, there are moments that we would never have seen otherwise. As crazy creative as I am my mom has never enjoyed or done any type of coloring, painting, crafty or creative things (weird I know!). But lately she is happy to color in adult coloring books and baby girl(who is here every other week) is happy to help her out. There are moments that we can laugh about, like when she is being silly (which is really out of character for her). But then again a lot of this is out of character for her, it’s the disease and most of it is ugly…very ugly. Our days are very full. I am looking forward to this week when we are finally able to get some help.

Back to School
Most of the schools start up this week, we are starting the following week. Did I mention homeschooling? We are homeschooling, I knew this was coming I just didn’t expect to be taking care of mom as well. We are doing 10th, 9th and 7th grade. I am tired just thinking about doing math! Ugh! Not my thing, but art and music? I am there! We will have extensive art classes in this homeschool! That should be fun!

Whats going on? Barakat Family Updates

There’s going to be a wedding!
Lastly, our oldest is engaged, the wedding is in October, I am seeing lots of wedding crafts in the near future! Finding crafts for the wedding décor has been much easier than finding a dress. The wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, the men’s tuxes and even the mother of the has found a dress. I, however, am not having much luck. When it comes to dresses and such I prefer old school – before my time old school, I really love those swing, rockabilly, fit and flare 50’s dresses. There are some really cool stores that carry these clothes, but not in formal wear. When I look up the mother of the bride I find these traditional floor length gowns…that is so not me. I have tried to find something similar to what I call typical I love Lucy party dresses. Lace fitted top, cinched waist and full A line skirt. She had some fabulous clothes! Like the one I drew here. Do you know where I can find a dress like that? If you do please leave me a link!

That’s all I have for now, lots coming soon so please check back often! If you have ideas for products and think I should be working with a certain manufacturer let me know! And don’t forget to join me every Monday is Mixed Media Monday at 8 pm CST on Facebook as Ritabarakat1!


Rita Barakat is a Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacturer websites and magazines. She designs, teaches workshops and and freelances for a variety of manufacturers. Not anywhere near a local event? Sign up for her newsletter and receive a Top Secret Mixed Media Class in your inbox! 


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  1. I hope you find a perfect dress. You are a special woman to be taking care of your mom. Good luck homeschooling. . I could never do that.

  2. I’m so sorry about about your mom and I know how very hard it is. I took care of my mom when she had cancer until she got so bad I couldn’t life her out of the chair anymore. But on a happy note congratulations on the upcoming wedding and I love the dress you drew. I think you should find a seamstress and have her sew one just like it. (assuming you don’t sew and I’m sure you don’t have time. It would be wonderful to pick out the fabrics you love.

    God’s peace..

    1. Thank you Sylvia, I am so sorry about your mom. It is very difficult!
      And no, I don’t sew. I would probably end up with a dress that looked much like that episode when Lucy tried sewing her own dress! LOL!

  3. Rita, I know I am really late in seeing this….you are truly a wonder to your family and all those that know you. Thank you for sharing. ‘Wishing you many blessings, Renee xox

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