Coloring with pencils Part 2 – lips!

coloring with pencils Part 2 - lips!

Hello creatives! Today’s video coloring with pencils Part 2 – lips! (Part 1 is on the previous post!) Today I have used Leisure Arts pencils to create intense colored the lips on this starlight beauty I drew! You can easily create similar depth by layering different color pencils in one area! (watch the video it’s quick!) I am working on several video projects for you from the survey you filled out! If you haven’t filled out the survey yet I would love to hear from you! I will close it on Monday.( Did I mention there is a giveaway to be chosen from one of the people who participate? Just sayin!)

If you like this face and coloring with pencils, I have some stencils available in my Etsy shop with three different faces!  There are three stencils in the kit called “So you say you can’t draw”! Believe me everyone has had wonderful results with these stencils!


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Don’t forget ON MONDAY I am doing Mixed Media Monday live on Facebook! I am super excited to be doing a project with these fun blank canvas puzzle pieces from Patty Popons! Not only that I will be giving away two sets! I love the concept behind the product and what Patty is doing – it hits very close to home as we have adopted several children with special needs. I hope that there will be more employers like Patty that give our kids opportunities. Here is a quote from her website…

      “A portion of the profits for this product go directly to figuring out how to fund Independent Labor Contract Houses for special needs folks with higher cognitive abilities (ages sixteen to thirty). These individuals would not do packaging but rather art, design, computers, math, and other highly skilled jobs. The idea is to not only extend but widen the pathway to independent living.

Everybody wants an opportunity to contribute to others and make their own living. To that end, we fully support the efforts of Cornerstone for K.I.D.S (Kids with Invisible Disabilities) which is dedicated to creating new and innovative solutions for people from age three to thirty.”

Thank you for your patronage,

She has a whole page of creative ideas and even downloads on her site so definitely check it out! Please check it out and support her! (Let her know I sent you!) I can’t wait to show you what I came up with for this project! See you Monday at 8 CST!

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