Mixed Media Ballerina on Canvas

Hello Creatives! If you follow me on social media you know I have been working on this mixed media ballerina!  I have been working on her all week and I am super excited to her with you! This work is for my baby girl, I am not sure she is finished yet, there is something more I may want to add but I am not sure yet… Either way there are so many very cool techniques in this project that I just couldn’t wait to share them with you!  

I started this project on *Mixed Media Monday! I love doing things “out of the box” and this was definitely that! I used a product,  new to me, called Rigid wrap from ACTÍVA Products, Inc. It was wet, slimy and so fun! Just like elementary school! (I listed the link to the video below!) I think there is something to getting your hands dirty and into your art! Using the rigid wrap I was able to add lots of 3D texture to the mixed media ballerina skirt! I drew the basic shape, added the rigid wrap  and waited for it to dry before painting. I knew the texture would create many opportunities for the colors to pool in certain areas and the rigid wrap did not let me down!

I wanted the mixed media ballerina to have depth and movement for my baby girl. She has been a trooper. She fell on the school playground and after being rushed to the ER in an ambulance found out that she would not be walking anytime soon. She has been on bedrest – only allowed to walk to the bathroom for two weeks and counting! We are hoping that she will be well enough when we go back to the Doc next Monday! ( thank you to those who have been praying for her!) It was horrible to see her in such pain and I am thankful she is feeling better these days. Being out of school is one thing, but missing ballet rehearsals is torture for her! She misses dancing, twirling and her pointe shoes. I thought this piece might cheer her up. (being intentional about my work. )

After it was dry I started painting my mixed media ballerina. (I did some of this live on **Periscope.) I used several sprays on the scope from Lindys Stamp Gang & ColourArte. While the skirt was drying I used Daniel Smith Gold Grounds for the background – originally my thought was to paint over it, as it is a gesso but it was such a beautiful gold that gave my girl a gorgeous background! I also loved that it mixed with the sprays on the sides of the skirt creating a frame around the skirt.


As things really started to progress I got so excited because I was finally able to add this adorable sequins on her top!  I got these at AFCI in Jan and they are soooo adorably packaged (I shared these jars on my back for AFCI post on FB live). I knew it would create the perfect final touches on the ballerina top! I used Perfect Paints Shimmering Stucco to embed the sequins and between the shimmer from the Stucco and the shimmer on the sequins, it became a stunning ballerina blouse! (ooh can I get that in my size? I love the way it shines!) The tint of the paste is from the paint color underneath. It’s so fun when things all come together!

I hope that you enjoyed this post with my mixed media ballerina! If you do please share! SO you don’t miss anything make sure that you are following me on social media and are signed up for my newsletter! There is a link below and you receive a free mixed media class when you sign up! This is a good time to sign up too as I am embarking on a test this month and at the end I will be doing a quiz that will also involve a giveaway! (we love prizes!)

Happy creating peeps!

*Mixed media Monday! Is a live broadcast I do every Monday night on FaceBook. You can follow me @RitaBarakat1 on FB
and watch the video from this post here https://www.facebook.com/rita.barakat.1/videos/1309633755797922/


Rita Barakat is a Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacturer websites and magazines. She designs, teaches workshops and and freelances for a variety of manufacturers. Not anywhere near a local event? Sign up for her newsletter and receive a Top Secret Mixed Media Class in your inbox! 


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14 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry about your little girlie. I didn’t know. This should cheer her up, knowing that her mom made it for her because she loves her so much. It is beautiful, and very cool!

  2. It is stunning! She turned out gorgeous. It’s so amazing to learn so many techniques were used in this piece and all the products. Your Baby Girl will love it. You could just tell how much love you put into it. 😁 I hope that everything goes well on her appointment coming up. 🤞🏼


  3. I love this ballerina. The colors are stunning and you video makes it all so clear. Its wonderful.thank you
    The product Rigid Wrap seems so perfect for so many projects. I think besides doing a ballerina skirt, I could use It to make trees instead of a plaster type product that I have used before. Or to weave a basket for Easter. Thank you for this great idea. Ginny

  4. Rita! I’m so totally loving how she turned out! You are so very talented! I’ve been praying for Baby Girl, and will continue! Please keep us updated on her! I beat she did love it when you showed her & can only imagine how much love she has for her loving Mom! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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