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©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved  Hey hey there bloggers!
Well if you are reading this you have officially made it to my new site!  Yay! My First  Official Post!  I had to make the move to incorporate all  the new changes going on  with my work! Years ago when I started  blogging it was all about scrap booking and  although you will still  occasionally see some scrap booking  on this blog you will see a  lot  more mixture of art & mixed media projects.



If you have been following my blog you know my work has evolved, I love  a challenge  and when I challenged myself to do faces I fell in love with  drawing girls! Sharing all  my art has led me to try my hand at  licensing!  Here are a couple of  samples I made  up for my portfolio.

© Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved  Here is another picture – showing the back of the handbag I made!  This collection is  called the Fashion Gals and it also comes in lime  green. Originally done on canvas this mixed media piece was altered digitally to make this tiny little tin pail  and (below) some round containers, you can never have too many containers for all  your treasures!

I think it might be ironic that I picked that quote, this website has been rough!  If you  know me on my blog you know that I am not a computer person and I have  been  working  very hard for weeks on my portfolio and designing this new site. The  last  thing I had to to do was move my old blog over and I did it! But then I did  something  wrong and with one small stupid code it was all gone…the new website,  five years  posts from my old blog GONE! I had no access to my dashboard, I was in a  panic!  What  a  mess!


©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved

Luckily my server was able to recover from Sun- unfortunately I had been working  like crazy Sun- Tues as my goal was to have it finished by Thursday so there was a lot  of work that was lost!  I am thankful I had almost everything backed up so it was  just a  matter of doing it all again. (I lost two days! Uggh I could easily go a week without  looking at a  computer right about now!) But at least it is all done, I learned a lot and I  am proud that I did the whole site by myself! (Just don’t ask me how I did anything!  LOL!) So I hope you enjoyed my first official post and you like the new site~ take a  look around. If you see anything that you think is missing and I should have let me know in the comments. I hope you also take a look at my portfolio – if you are familiar with my blog I am sure will recognize some of the work, some is new. Thanks for joining me in my new mixed media art venture! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rita Barakat
©Rita Barakat, All Rights Reserved 2013
Rita Barakat is a Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacturer websites and magazines. She designs, teaches workshops and and freelances for a variety of manufacturers. Not anywhere near a local event? Sign up for her newsletter and receive a Top Secret Mixed Media Class in your inbox! 


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    1. Thanks Mike – and there were quite a few time I thought I was going to “lose it”! I hope I don’t have to do this again for a very long time! (Or hopefully be able to pay someone else to do it when I need an overhaul like this again!)

  1. Yay!! Your first “official” blog post on your new site and it’s (and your pieces are) beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Nothing as awesome as having your own dot com. 🙂

    The CS Lewis quote is absolutely perfect. Hardships are my specialty, unfortunately, but you handled all the things that WordPress threw at you like a real pro and came out swinging.

    God bless you, sweetie!

    1. Thanks girl! Whew this site almost did me in! LOL so glad it’s done! Thanks for hanging out with me through the crazy times! lol! Hugs sweetie!

    1. Thanks Brenda! And I dont blame you one bit! this definitely was a LOT more work than thought it was!!!! But I am not a computer person- if you are I am sure it would be easier!

  2. Gorgeous projects!! Love the quote and love the colros! WTG! To do this all by yourself that is amazing & a lot of work!!
    So excited for you and looking foward to seeing how the Lord blesses you in 2014!!!

  3. Rita, I’ve just discovered art journaling and your work, and I am so happy to have come across your new site! I have been a makeup artist since I was 14 yo, and I put the makeovers on a face that I’ve created,but I never thought of using “her face” in a mixed media art form, as you do. I still don’t know where to begin, or what supplies to start with, but you are an inspiration. I love, love your art and your work!! Thank you, Nancy

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